Party resolution on improving islanders’ spiritual, cultural life

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Resolution 36 of the 12th Party Central Committee and the Strategy on Vietnam’s Sustainable Development of Marine Economy until 2030 and Vision to 2045 stipulate several solutions to improve the living standards of islanders and build a marine culture and a coastal-friendly society.

Under the resolution, related agencies are requested to fully develop socio-economic infrastructure, especially electricity, fresh water, communications, health care and education systems on the islands.

It’s necessary to ensure that people living and working there have access to quality medical services.

The Resolution also stressed the need to develop cultural mechanisms for coastal and marine communities, preserve and promote traditional festivals, historical and cultural relics architecture and natural heritage, and develop typical cultural centers in coastal provinces and cities.

Authorities need to raise public awareness on the importance of seas and oceans in socio-economic development while improving fishermen’s working conditions and their awareness of maritime safety and security.