Vietnam revolutionary press grows steadily

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(VOVWORLD) - Activities are underway nationwide to mark the 99th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21). Over nearly a century, Vietnamese journalism has flourished, serving as a vital link between the administration and the public, with the overarching goal of serving the Fatherland and the people and contributing to social progress. The robust growth of the press and communications system clearly reflects the freedom of speech and free press in Vietnam.
Vietnam revolutionary press grows steadily - ảnh 1Voice of Vietnam attends the National Press Festival 

Since Thanh Nien (Youth) newspaper, founded by leader Nguyen Ai Quoc, published its first issue, the Vietnamese revolutionary press has continually expanded, affirming its significant role and making substantial contributions to the past national liberation struggle and current national development and defense.

Vibrant development

According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, as of 2023 Vietnam had 6 key multimedia agencies, 127 newspaper agencies, 671 magazine agencies, and 72 radio and television stations. There are now 41,000 journalists, a six-fold increase since 2000. Vietnamese press agencies, newspapers, magazines, circulation, coverage, and journalists have all grown rapidly and substantially.

With technological support, the online newspaper system is thriving, fostering positive interactions with readers. After 26 years of internet connectivity, Vietnam has developed a modern telecommunications system with high penetration. As of September 2023, Vietnam had 78 million internet users, up 21% since 2019. Today, Vietnamese press agencies have their own online platforms that use pioneering digital technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data. Hundreds of press agencies have their own channels on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

In the current global landscape, international cooperation in journalism is expanding toward multinational, multisector collaboration. More than 40 international media companies, including CNN, Reuters, AP, AFP, Kyodo, Yonhap News Agency (South Korea), Aju Business Daily (South Korea), and Rossiya Segodnya (Russia), have established offices in Vietnam. The Vietnamese Government provides favorable conditions for international journalists. Many Vietnamese journalists annually engage in study, professional exchange, and work opportunities abroad.

Ensuring press freedom, supporting press development

Vietnam is committed to upholding its obligations on freedom of speech and press under the United Nations Charter and relevant international treaties. The Vietnamese government has made significant strides in ensuring freedom of the press and speech, as outlined in the 2013 Constitution, which guarantees Vietnamese people basic human rights in line with international treaties.

In addition to promoting civil and political rights, particularly freedom of the press and speech under the Constitution, Vietnam has enacted the Law on Access to Information in 2016. This law is open, progressive, and meets international standards on human rights and access to information.

The 2016 Press Law clearly defines the functions, tasks, and powers of the Vietnamese press, particularly the right to access press information. These efforts reflect Vietnam's commitment to international obligations related to freedom of the press and speech.

The State encourages and guides the digital transformation and technological advancement of the press, making significant investments in major media agencies. Ensuring freedom of the press and speech remains a consistent goal of the Vietnamese Party and State, as affirmed and guaranteed in the Constitution and legal regulations, in accordance with international standards, and reflected in the vivid development of Vietnamese press over the past 99 years.



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