Unity strengthened to boost national development

Hong Van
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Great national unity has consistently played a crucial role the Vietnamese Party's guidelines and State policies. The spirit of solidarity of workers, farmers, intellectuals, businessmen, and people of all ethnicities and religions has been reflected throughout the national development process and in their active response to Party guidelines and State policies.
Unity strengthened to boost national development  - ảnh 1National unity is strengthened to boost national development 

Great national unity is a precious Vietnamese tradition, which has been upheld throughout the history of national construction and defense, serving as a source of strength and a decisive factor for all victories of the Vietnamese people in all periods.

Stay united for national development 

Vietnam is having great opportunities to boost national development in a faster and more sustainable manner and narrow its development gap with other countries. Vietnamese workers have improved their professional skills, mastered modern production methods, and demonstrated technological innovation across sectors, including oil and gas, aviation, electronics, information technology, postal services, and telecommunications.

Vietnamese farmers have adopted a transformative mindset in production and business, and integrated technological advancements into their agricultural practices, thereby contributing to new rural and agricultural development. Vietnamese intellectuals are actively participating in the 4th Industrial Revolution, with some reaching a level comparable to their counterparts in developed countries. The younger generation in Vietnam has emerged as a dynamic and ambitious force, rapidly accessing contemporary knowledge. The business community is expanding, reflecting a collective determination and energy to achieve prosperity, take the lead in innovation, and generate employment opportunities.

Vietnam’s ethnic minorities have upheld solidarity, striving in socio-economic development, poverty reduction, and community building, while preserving and promoting local distinctive culture and traditions. 

The religious community has participated in national development by effectively leveraging the positive aspects of their cultures, moral values, and resources. The overseas Vietnamese community has evolved into a valuable resource for the nation.

People from all walks of life have participated in poverty reduction movements, new rural development, the the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritize using Vietnamese products", and other socio-economic activities. 

National unity is the greatest strength of the Vietnamese people 

Vietnam is now in an important period, shifting toward rapid, sustainable development and fulfilling the 2021-2030 Socio-economic Development Strategy and the 2021-2025 Socio-economic Development Plan. 

The 13th National Party Congress has made it the goal of the Vietnamese revolution in the current period to bring into play the strength of national unity while fostering innovation, industrialization, and modernization and safeguarding the homeland to maintain a peaceful and stable environment and make Vietnam a developed nation with a socialist orientation by mid-century. 

At its recent meeting, the Party Central Committee concluded that in the new development period it’s important to promote national unity, create social consensus, promote patriotism, and inspire a sense of self-reliance, national pride, confidence, and the aspiration to make Vietnam a developing high-middle-income country with modern industry by 2030, and a developed, high-income country with a socialist orientation by 2045. 

To achieve these goals, Vietnam continues to fine-tune institutions and improve policies to align with the new context, harness the strength of all social classes, ignite the will and development aspirations of the entire nation, and focus on enhancing the State's operations in formulating and executing policies on national unity. Vietnam continues to reform the operation of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and social organizations to make them true representatives of the legitimate rights and interests of the people.

The indomitable spirit of national unity is the greatest strength of the Vietnamese people. In the face of significant opportunities and challenges in the current period, nurturing and promoting great national unity will enable Vietnam to surmount obstacles, achieve success, and reach its development goals in the years ahead.