“Dark-knight” in Binh Duong province

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(VOVWORLD) - 22-year-old Le Anh Tuan has taken some 400 people to hospitals in Binh Duong province for free on his ambulance vehicle over the last 2 years. Tuan received a national award for outstanding volunteers in 2019 thanks to his heart-warming acts of kindness.    

“Dark-knight” in Binh Duong province - ảnh 1Le Anh Tuan (wearing glasses) has taken some 400 people to hospitals in Binh Duong province for free

In 2018, Tuan saw a young unconscious man with severe head injuries lying on a street due to an accident while Tuan was driving a delivery car for his family’s business. Tuan stopped his car without hesitation to take that man to the hospital in time. As Tuan’s delivery route is mainly around Thu Dau Mot, city of Binh Duong province, many people there called him when they saw accidents on the streets. Gradually, his name pops up in the minds of more people in the province when they need help. “Dark knight” was the nickname Tuan got thanks to his acts of  kindness.  

Several people might hesitate when it comes to helping other people in traffic accidents. He sometimes almost got assaulted as people thought he caused the accidents. Tuan always insists that helping those people in need is a must. He gains experience and comes up with his own process for helping victims of traffic accidents.

The nurses and ambulance drivers of Binh Duong General Hospital taught him about first aid to enable him to check  the injuries and give first aid on the spot like setting a broken arm, broken leg, or hemostasis if necessary before taking patients to the hospital. Medical equipment is available in his car to use at any time. Tuan rarely knows the names of the patients or keeps in contact. Sometimes, they call him to express their thank. That’s the only thing Tuan receives in return for to his kind acts. It is also the motivation for Tuan to continue his silent work.

Tuan said: “Whenever I can help someone recover from an accident, I feel very happy. Helping others is like helping myself. I don’t expect them to give me presents or anything because I am simply very happy that I can come to help. I will do it until I am no longer able to do it”

“Dark-knight” in Binh Duong province - ảnh 2Inside Tuan's ambulance transport

Ngo Van Tam, a local man in Thu Dau Mot City said he admired Tuan’s kind-hearted work! He said: “Many people in Binh Duong province know Tuan because he is kind-hearted and extremely passionate about helping others. He has taken hundreds of people to the hospital. His actions are admired by not only me but also many others.”

Tuan is the only son in his family. At first, his parents were really worried about his volunteer job but they knew that their son was doing good deeds. Later they encourage him, tell him to be careful, and help him when he asks for it. His parents  recently bought him a 16-seat vehicle , then asked for permission to attach priority lights, red cross badges, first-aid kits, and storage cabinets for medical equipment  so that Tuan can continue to work as a the "Dark Knight".

Tuan’s father Le Trung Tu said he supports his son’s work! He said: “I don’t want to stop my son from doing good deeds. Only those who are kind-hearted can do what he does. But I remind him to be careful and take care of himself because overwork can negatively affect his health.”

Tuan has also joined a team to catch thieves. He is a shining example of wholehearted devotion to the community. 

“Dark-knight” in Binh Duong province - ảnh 3Tuan helps his parents with their family's business