US CDC urges Vietnam's monkeypox response preparedness

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(VOVWORLD) - It won't be too surprising if monkeypox appears in Vietnam which has opened its borders for trade and travel, said Dr. Eric Dziuban, Vietnam Country Director for the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  
US CDC urges Vietnam's monkeypox response preparedness - ảnh 1A rash that can look like pimples or blisters appears on the hands of a patient infected with monekypox. (Photo: Shutterstock/VNA)

Dr. Dziuban stressed the need of response preparedness as he held an online press conference on Friday on the moneypox virus and the cooperation between the US and Vietnam in response to the epidemic.

As of Friday morning, more than 21,000 cases of monkeypox have been recorded in 78 countries worldwide. The US has the highest number of cases in the world followed by several countries in Europe and Africa.

The disease is rapidly spreading around the world. In one week, the number of infections has increased from 16,000 to more than 21,000 cases.

Since June, the US CDC has coordinated with the Vietnamese Health Ministry to develop recommendations and guidelines for surveillance, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of monkeypox, he said. Additionally, the center and the World Health Organization are working so that Vietnam and other countries will secure the monkeypox test kits as soon as possible.

A number of countries around the world have begun giving vaccinations against monkeypox and the vaccine will be more widespread. The US government and other countries around the world are coordinating to promote the research and production of a new-generation of vaccines in order to contain this disease globally, according to Dr. Dziuban.