Vietnamese youths and summer of volunteers

Thu Hang
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The summer youth volunteer campaign 2017 from June 1st to August 31st encourages young people to build new-style rural and civilized urban areas. Campaign activities aim to promote the pioneering role of youths in socio-economic development and ensuring social security and defense in remote, border, and island areas.
 Vietnamese youths and summer of volunteers - ảnh 1

Thua Thien-Hue province’s youths help dredge canals. (Photo: Vietnam Youth Union’s portal)

The 2017 summer volunteer campaign focuses on activities like building or upgrading 550 bridges in rural areas; building or repairing 600km of rural roads; teaching science and technology to 60,000 rural youths; constructing 300 houses for social beneficiaries; providing free medical examinations, treatment, and medicine for 50,000 people; and upgrading 1,000 recreation areas for children.

Le Quoc Phong, the first Secretary of the Vietnam Youth Union, says the vanguard spirit and working style of each volunteer are important factors.

“Devotion is the key to volunteer youth movements. The spirit of the volunteers can help youth programs meet society’s expectations and young people’s aspirations,” Phong added.

 Vietnamese youths and summer of volunteers - ảnh 2Volunteer youths in Binh Dinh province teach  children in Ha Giao village, Van Canh district. (Photo: Vietnam Youth Union’s portal)

In response to this year’s theme, Thua Thien-Hue province’s Youth Union has called for the construction of 12 houses of gratitude, startup consultation for 2,000 youths, and free swimming lessons for 500 children. 700 youth union members have participated in land clearance for access roads to playgrounds for children in Hong Tien commune as well as an initiative to provide free medical examinations and treatment.

Tran Gia Cong, Secretary of the provincial Youth Union said: “During this year’s campaign, local youths will focus their assistance on: communes which have almost completed the criteria for new-style rural villages; 19 communes with a poverty rate over 25%; 29 extremely disadvantaged communes; and coastal communes. We hope that the youth will uphold their vanguard role, volunteer spirit, talent, and strength to make their native land more prosperous and civilized.”

 Vietnamese youths and summer of volunteers - ảnh 3

Volunteer youth soldiers of Dak Lak province during the 2017 Green Summer Campaign. (Photo: Vietnam Youth Union’s portal)

Summer volunteer activities in Dak Lak province focus on the construction of new-style rural areas and civilized urban residential areas, and programs to show gratitude to Vietnam’s heroic mothers.

Other activities include constructing houses of gratitude for former youth volunteers; providing free medicine to 500 people in Ea Wer commune, and delivering training on preventing child sexual abuse.

Y Trul Nie, a member of Krong Buk commune’s Youth Union in Dak Lak province, said: “This is one of the meaningful ways youth union members can devote to helping disadvantaged people. On the upcoming Vietnamese War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, July 27, we should honor those who rendered great service to Vietnam’s revolution.”

The highlights of this year’s volunteer youth activities in Can Tho City are environmental protection and development of rural infrastructure.

Tran Van Quang, Deputy President of the Students’ Association of Tay Do University, told VOV: “This is the third time I have taken part in a summer youth volunteer campaign. I follow a motto: win the heart of the locals while staying with them and win their trust by doing whatever they need. I want to join efforts with the local authorities to develop new-style rural areas, upgrade roads, and visit the martyrs’ cemetery.”