Truong Sa in the heart of each Vietnamese person

Vinh Phong
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(VOVWORLD) - The island district of Truong Sa in Khanh Hoa province is a place many Vietnamese people would like to visit at least once in their lifetime. Last month, some VOV reporters joined a working mission to the archipelago.
Truong Sa in the heart of each Vietnamese person - ảnh 1Photographer Duong Thi Anh poses with soldiers stationed on Sinh Ton Dong (Sin Cowe East) Island. (Photo courtesy of Duong Thi Anh)

People’s love for Truong Sa was what photographer Duong Thi Anh wanted to document when she boarded the ship to Truong Sa. For years she had known Truong Sa only from books and articles, but in her heart the archipelago was a sacred place which she dreamed of visiting at least once in her life.

“I was told I could go to Truong Sa on April 26. I had completely prepared myself to go. When I received the news, I wanted to tell everyone. When we finally stepped onto the island, how wonderful Truong Sa was! Everyone should know that our country is sacred wherever it is,” Anh recalled.

Truong Sa in the heart of each Vietnamese person - ảnh 2Reporter Le Thu Hang gives the gift she prepared for a soldier on Da Tay B submerged island. (Photo courtesy of Le Thu Hang)

Fatigue from the 1,000-kilometer journey through wind and waves disappeared. The visitors felt only eagerness to meet the people who live with hardship to protect Vietnam’s sea and islands.

Le Thu Hang, a reporter with Vietnam Integration magazine, said coming to Truong Sa was an opportunity to gain fresh material for her writing and better understand the importance of protecting Vietnam’s sovereignty.

“Before the trip, I prepared small gifts for the officers, soldiers and other people on the island. When I return to the mainland I can spread national spirit, pride, and the love of our beautiful nation,” she said.

Truong Sa in the heart of each Vietnamese person - ảnh 3Ms. Quyen in green traditional dress presents gifts for children in Truong Sa town.

Hoang Thi Ngoc Quyen, Director of the DNA Trading and Technology Development and Consulting Company, said visiting Truong Sa is a dream she has pursued for 15 years. Quyen said that, in the past, only the company’s technicians have gone to the islands – to work on the oil and gas rigs.

“From the mainland I sent a lot of love to the national sea and islands. But once I set foot on the islands and the platforms, my love increased many fold,” said Quyen, adding, “I saw the daily and hourly hardships the soldiers face. But I found them all to be cheerful, in high spirits, and full of energy, enthusiasm, and patriotism. My tears just flowed out – tears of admiration, trust, love, respect, and gratitude. They have made a courageous choice. Truong Sa will forever be in my heart.”

Truong Sa in the heart of each Vietnamese person - ảnh 4Singer Minh Ngoc says she is proud and moved to sing on Truong Sa island. (Photo courtesy of Minh Ngoc)

Singer and Sublieutenant Minh Ngoc of the Military Music and Dance Theater, said when she burned incense at the memorial service for the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend Gac Ma island, she couldn’t hold back her tears.

“When I released paper cranes and flowers to the deceased heroes, I felt extremely grateful to them. This is the first time in my singing career that I’ve performed on a ship or on an island in the vast ocean of the Fatherland. I was very touched,” said Ngoc.

Truong Sa in the heart of each Vietnamese person - ảnh 5Visiting Truong Sa is the most special trip of Dao ethnic Trieu Thi Binh. 

Dao ethnic Trieu Thi Binh from Yen Bai province is a member of the working mission visiting Truong Sa on this occasion.

She told VOV that this is a special trip for her. Binh, who is used to seeing mountains and hills, is now seeing Vietnam’s sea and islands.

“I was very moved to come to these islands. No words can describe the emotions I felt when I arrived. Despite the hardships, the island soldiers are determined to protect the national sea and islands. I’m very grateful to them,” said Binh.

For many people, a journey to Truong Sa might come only once in their lifetime. But it will forever be anchored in their hearts. Truong Sa is not so far away. It’s in the heart of every Vietnamese person.