Self-governing family model contributes to Lai Chau’s poverty reduction

Ngoc Anh
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Since its establishment 5 years ago, the self-governing Vang clan in Ta Tong commune, Lai Chau province, has led in mutual support to develop the economy, eliminate hunger, and reduce poverty on top of maintaining security and order in the locality.

Self-governing family model contributes to Lai Chau’s poverty reduction  - ảnh 1A corner of Ta Tong commune seen from above. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Ta Tong is an extremely difficult mountain commune where more than 7,000 people live in 11 hamlets and 4 residential areas. 95% of them are of Mong ethnicity.

There are two clans in Ta Tong commune - the Vang and the Giang.

Sung A Chu, Chairman of the Ta Tong People's Committee, said, “The Vang clan has well executed the conventions of the hamlet and commune. A person was appointed as the head to manage the whole clan in the commune. Some households who previously listened to bad influences now follows the guidelines of the Party and State.”

The provincial police established the self-governing Vang clan, which has 96 households divided into 3 groups in the hamlets of Ta Tong, Co Lo Ho, and Cao Chai.

Self-governing family model contributes to Lai Chau’s poverty reduction  - ảnh 2Captain Ly Chuy Chong, chief of the Ta Tong commune police. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Captain Ly Phuy Chong, chief of the Ta Tong commune police, said, “We chose the Vang clan because one of their members was a former Secretary of the local Party Committee. They were chosen to pilot the model before copying it to other clans.”

“The model has ensured local security and order and has been operating efficiently for more than 5 years. It has been effective in getting children to attend school and not break the law. Regular family meetings are held to evaluate what has been accomplished,” Chong added.

The self-governing clan has built a regulation system under which contradictions in people's lives are reconciled promptly and reasonably by clan members who are exemplary in abiding by the State's policies and laws.

Self-governing family model contributes to Lai Chau’s poverty reduction  - ảnh 3Vang A Nhe of Ta Tong commune shows off the Vang clan’s certificates of merit. (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Vang A Nhe of Ta Tong hamlet said that they have gotten the children to go to school, work hard to develop the family economy, and not listen to trouble makers.

He added, “Before the model was set up, we had lots of problems. Now we all understand the State’s guidelines and policies and have set up a fund to help needy families.”

The Vang clan has many Party members, some of whom have become key officials in the locality.

Vang A Mua, Secretary of Ta Tong hamlet’s Party cell, said, “The Party cell has 26 members. Three of them are civil servants and the rest are farmers. We convene a regular meeting on the 15th day of each month. The Party members encourage the entire clan  to learn new production techniques for higher productivity.”

Over the years, Ta Tong commune has promoted the role of the clan heads and has built a self-governing clan model to promote local security, order, and socio-economic development.