Seasonal work market gets busy during Tet

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(VOVWORLD) - As Lunar New Year 2024 is drawing near, businesses in Ho Chi Minh City have high demand for part-time and seasonal workers. This is an opportunity for seasonal workers to earn additional income.

Seasonal work market gets busy during Tet - ảnh 1Due to a sharp increase in the number of orders for Tet offering trays at the end of the year, service providers in the field have to recruit more shippers. (Photo: Kim Dung)

During the final weeks of the lunar year, Viet Offering Service Company in Thu Duc city has been receiving an increasing number of orders for Tet offering trays.

Tran Cong Trung, the company’s Director General, says that, due to the sharp increase in orders, his company has had to recruit dozens of workers for kitchen work and delivery.

The company needs 20-30 seasonal shippers who are required to know how to use a smartphone and have an A1 driving license and good health. Each shipper needs to deliver 3-4 orders a day, earning 6 USD for a delivery within 15km plus an additional fee for each kilometer above 15. Some drivers earn 20-25 dollars in a single morning.

“On weekdays we maintain a part-time delivery team. We stay in contact with those who have a good work ethic and are able to do the job. After Tet, whenever there are orders, we prioritize them,” said Trung.

The Thanh Da Trade Union Hotel in Binh Thanh district is recruiting receptionists, sales staff, accountants, and cooks.

During the Tet season, the hotel needs a large number of seasonal workers, said Pham Minh Tan, Deputy Head of the Personnel Section, adding, “In response to the ‘Tet Reunion’ program of the municipal Federation of Labor, we go to the districts to serve workers who don’t have enough money to return home for Tet.”

Therefore, the hotel needs seasonal workers to do the job of waiters and cooks and the pay aligns with the market, said Tan.

Seasonal work market gets busy during Tet - ảnh 2House maids supplied by GuVi are carefully checked in regards of personal records and provided with fundamental knowledge and skills. (Photo: GuVi)
During Tet, the need to hire part-time maids on an hourly basis also increases. But due to a limited supply, labor costs can double.

Nguyen Dinh Thanh Dat, CEO of GuVi, a popular hourly maid service, said his company currently needs 100 workers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Those without experience will be trained.

“The current pay is 410-520 USD a month. As Tet nears, the company increases the pay rate 20%. During Tet, pay rises to twice the normal rate. If a worker completes a certain number of shifts in a month, they receive a bonus,” Dat noted.

To meet the peak demand at the end of the year, many retailers in Ho Chi Minh City recruit seasonal workers. Saigon Co.op, for example, is recruiting 1,000-2,000 workers and the Lotte Vietnam Shopping Center Joint Stock Company is looking for 1,000 seasonal employees.

To attract part-time employees during Tet, retailer AEON Vietnam pays employees 150% of their salary during the 20 days before Tet, and 400% during the Tet holiday.

Le Thi Kieu Loan, a student at Ho Chi Minh City International College who is looking for a seasonal job, said she just needs a job that allows her time to go to school.

“It can be something related to restaurant and hotel management, which I'm studying,” said Loan.

According to the Center for Human Resource Demand Forecasting and Labor Market Information in Ho Chi Minh City, the city needs 74,000-86,000 seasonal workers during the Tet holiday, a majority of them in the service sector.