Nam Dinh Catholics contribute to local economic development

Ngoc Anh
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Nam Dinh province has three main religions: Buddhism, Catholicism, and Protestantism. Catholic followers mainly live in Hai Hau, Giao Thuy, and Xuan Truong district. With the motto "Living good lives with good religions", Nam Dinh Catholics have upheld the spirit of solidarity and greatly contributed to local socio-economic development.
Nam Dinh Catholics contribute to local economic development - ảnh 1 Bui Chu Diocese.

Catholic followers in Nam Dinh province have positively responded to campaigns launched by local authorities and social organizations, to develop exemplary Catholic parishes and families, to build new-style rural areas, and to be good citizens.

Hai Hau district was selected to be one of the first localities to pilot a new-style rural building model as part of a national movement.

Vu Ngoc Truong, Deputy Chairman of the district People’s Committee, said: “Catholics comprise nearly half of the population of Hai Hau district, which has two major religions – Catholicism and Buddhism. Hai Hau has been assigned to build a role-model new-style rural area with a green, clean environment, a developed economy, and a strong local administration.

"Local living conditions are much better than 5 years ago. Thanks to improvements in their material, spiritual and cultural life and protection of their religion, local Catholics and Buddhists have become united. Hai Hau is praised by the people and media as a good rural area to live in.”

Nam Dinh province has more than 200 dignitaries of all religions working with the Vietnam Fatherland Front, People's Councils, associations, and unions at all levels. Nearly 400 of about 500,000 Catholics, more than 20% of the province’s population, are directors of enterprises in multiple economic sectors.

Nam Dinh Catholics contribute to local economic development - ảnh 2

Mushroom growing in the Linh Phat cooperative. 

(Photo: Ngoc Anh/VOV5)

Catholic Nguyen Van Thanh, Director of the Linh Phat Cooperative in Hai Hau, said: “Established in 2014, the Linh Phat Cooperative specializes in producing lingzhi and all kinds of edible mushrooms. Produced in accordance with the Vietgap standards, the cooperative's products have been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

"We are coordinating with other provinces to produce mushroom embryos to transfer mushroom varieties to farmers. Linh Phat mushroom products are available nationwide.”

A number of emulation movements, like the campaign to study and follow Ho Chi Minh's moral example, and "Day For the Poor", have been widely embraced by Catholics.

A movement to encourage education and promote talent among religious followers in Nam Dinh has been popular. Funds to promote the movement have been set up in most local pagodas and parishes. Catholic dignitaries have organized activities to nurture the spiritual life of their parishioners.

Priest Gioankim Nguyen Huu Van, the Bishop of Bui Chu in Xuan Truong district, said: “Priests often tell their parishioners about the meaning of Christmas and confession and direct them to a bright future. On major holidays, local administrations and the bishopric often visit and present gifts to the parishioners. This care has reinforced mutual understanding and harmony.”

In 2019, Nam Dinh's economy grew more than 8%, more than many other localities in Vietnam. This achievement is largely thanks to Catholics’ contributions.