More need to be done to generate jobs, ensure income for the elderly

Thu Hien
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(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam has joined the ranks of countries with high human development, according to the 2020 Human Development Report recently released by the UN Development Program. The report said the Human Development Index (HDI) decreased 16.5% last year due to inequality, while income decline due to inequality was 19.1%.
More need to be done to generate jobs, ensure income for the elderly - ảnh 1(Illustrative photo:

“I used to work in a state agency but have been retired for a long time. I’m 65 years old. I’m strong enough to work as a driver,” said Nguyen Van Hung, a Hanoi resident.

Tran Huy Nam, another person living in Hanoi, said, “I feel bored staying at home, so I work as a security guard.”

Both Hung and Nam are two of many older people who are retired but are still healthy and want to work to earn some money and help their family.

Some 45% of retired people still engage in economic activity, according to a survey conducted by the Social Protection Department between June and August last year in Ho Chi Minh City, Nghe An, and Hai Duong province. Thousands work in scientific research, teaching, and cultural and art activities.

Nguyen Huu Hai, Deputy Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Vocational Education and Training and Social Work, said that because quality of life has improved, many people are still healthy at retirement age and want to continue to work so as to have their own income and not depend on their children.

Hai added that elders in rural areas often don’t have pensions and must work to survive.

“Although 40% to 50% of the elderly participate in economic activities, 70% of them need support from their children. About 6 million elderly people nationwide earn low wages. Half of them receive an unemployment benefit of 12 USD a month,” said Hai.

More need to be done to generate jobs, ensure income for the elderly - ảnh 2Dr. Nguyen Le Minh, a specialist in labor economics. (Photo:

Dr. Nguyen Le Minh, a specialist in labor economics, underscored the need to generate jobs for old people as Vietnam’s population begins to age and suffer from COVID-19 impacts.

Old people should have the right to work and benefit from their experience and intelligence, Minh said, adding, “elderly people who have a lot of experience in their profession should continue to work. Their expertise can be useful to society. Organizations like the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprises Association need to support the elderly."

To help the elderly find jobs and stable incomes, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has asked relevant agencies to advise the National Committee on Ageing on mechanisms and policies, provide information on the labor market, and organize job exchanges.

Nguyen Hoa Binh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association of the Elderly, said, “We are proposing amendments and supplements to policies for the elderly as Vietnam’s population ages. Greater care and help is being given to the elderly, especially those in difficult circumstances."