“Library from Flowers”, the library of dreams of mountain children

Nho Trung
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Giang Chau and a number of other young people in Hanoi have brought the "Library from Flowers" project to schools in mountain areas to realize their dream and that of many teachers and students. Under the project, flowers, a symbol of beauty, have been turned into a "treasury of knowledge".

“Library from Flowers”, the library of dreams of mountain children - ảnh 1Teachers and students of Khao Mang Primary Ethnic Boarding School are very happy with the new bookcases. (Photo: baodantoc.vn)

Teachers and students at Khao Mang Primary Ethnic Boarding School in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, had longed for a library for years. But in a poor mountain area, a library was an unattainable luxury.

It was only after Giang Chau, the founder of the "Library from Flowers" project, discovered this lack during a business trip to the area that the long unfulfilled dream - a library with hundreds of books of all genres - finally came true.

5th grader Nguyen Thi Tra My told us that she likes reading books and stories which can help her improve the knowledge.

5th grader Lo Thi Bao Han also likes reading books, from which, she said, she can learn lots of useful things. When the school had no library, her family was too poor to buy books, so she never got to read the books she wanted to read.

When Giang Chau and the group of young people in Hanoi presented the "Library of Flowers" to her school, Han was so happy she burst into tears.

 Our library now has a lot of books. There are many interesting stories and books which I like very much. The books are arranged beautifully and neatly,” Han said.

The books help the teachers in their daily work, said Nguyen Thi Minh Hang, the Principal of Khao Mang School, adding all the school teachers feel inspired by these books.

“I hope the teachers and students will make full use of the library. The children can read books to add to the knowledge they gain in class, and the teachers can find additional materials to improve their teaching in each subject,” said the principal.

“Library from Flowers”, the library of dreams of mountain children - ảnh 2Young members of the "Library from Flowers" group. (Photo: baodantoc.vn)

Giang Chau, the project’s founder, said the "Library from flowers" at Khao Mang School is not the only library that has this name.

Chau recalled, After my trips to the mountain areas, I felt a special bond with the local children. I wanted to do something for them. I thought of books because I like reading books and I believe that books can change the childrens thinking and their life.”

Since it was first deployed in May, the project has set up 4 libraries with 15 bookcases holding 6,500 books. Two of the libraries are in schools in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, and two are in schools in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province. The project is now planning to create libraries for schools in Ha Giang province, said Chau.

To fund the project without having to ask for sponsors, Chau and her colleagues sell fresh flowers because, Chau said she doesn’t want to depend on sponsors.

“I thought of selling fresh flowers because I like flowers, too, and often buy them for my home. By selling flowers, I can raise money to buy books for children in mountain areas,” said Chau.

Pham Thi Bich Ngoc in charge of the project’s finances said, I know that each bouquet of flowers sold means more money to buy books. Im happy to be contributing to nurturing the future generation of the nation.”

The project wants to spread the message "Happiness is giving". Chau and the project team hope others will join their effort to bring books and knowledge to children in mountain areas.