Impetus for Son La province’s young people to start businesses

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(VOVWORLD) - To start a business is no longer an issue among young people in Son La province. Every year dozens of innovative startup models and ideas have been realized thanks to preferential loans from the “Savings Day – For a Green Future” program. It helps young people start businesses, develop a family economy, stabilize their lives, and effectively contribute to the goals of sustainable poverty reduction, social security, and building new-style rural areas in the locality.

Impetus for Son La province’s young people to start businesses - ảnh 1The fish cage farm of Lo Van Duc in Muong Trai commune, Muong La district, Son La province. 

Being the breadwinner of the family, 37 years old Lo Van Duc in Muong Trai commune, Muong La district, has always thought of finding a way to develop his family’s economy. Luckily enough to access a preferential loan of 4,200 USD from the “Savings Day – For a Green Future” program of the Bank for Social Policies, Duc boldly invested in building 6 solid fish cages to replace 2 bamboo cages in August 2021.

“Previously, I only grew cassava. With the loan from the Bank for Social Policies, I invested in developing fish cage farming.Now I raise fish in iron cages which is more effective than in bamboo cages. This place has favorable conditions for cage farming because the water is clear and clean,” he said.

To make it easier for production and to produce a quick capital turnover, Duc chooses to raise tilapia, black carp, and catfish. Duc said that fish cage farming does not require much care, while he can utilize agricultural by-products as food for fish. Disease prevention is not too complicated so almost anyone can do it.

“I use by-products of corn and banana plants to feed the fish twice a day. I spend my leisure time mainly in the morning and evening to feed the fish. There are many ways to prevent diseases such as sprinkling lime around the cage or hanging a bag of lime in the middle of the cage.”

Having experience in fish cage farming, plus a nature of diligence and fondness toward learning, Duc has drawn lessons while working. 20 months since the day he borrowed capital to start a business, Duc sold 2 batches with an output of over 10 tonnes of fish of all kinds, with a revenue of more than 4,200 USD, earning a profit of about 2,100 USD. Duc is producing the third fish cage season which will be harvested very soon. 

Impetus for Son La province’s young people to start businesses - ảnh 2Besides fish cage farming, Lo Van Duc raises cattle and poultry. 

“Lo Van Duc has effectively used loans from the “Savings Day – For a Green Future” program to invest in fish cage farming to improve his family’s income. This model has huge potential and can be replicated in other villages for young people to apply to their household economy,” Leo Van Binh, Secretary of Muong Trai Commune’s Youth Union, said.

Taking advantage of the reservoir’s large water surface, Muong Trai people are raising 220 cages of many kinds of fish, opening up opportunities for local economic development.

“Muong Trai has a huge potential for fish cage farming. We have visited the farm model of Lo Van Duc and will replicate it in other localities,” said local resident Quang Thi Viet.

Along with fish cage farming, Duc’s family also grows 2 hectares of corn and cassava and raises cattle and poultry to earn about 4,200 USD each year. For people like Duc, preferential loans are the key and the driving force to promote the startup spirit of young people.

“It was difficult for us to borrow 2,100 USD. We are thankful to the Bank for Social Policies for giving us the loan. It’s a useful resource for me to develop production,” said Duc.

Although Duc’s startup farm model is still at a small scale, it affirms that credit policy can play a decisive role in helping young people start a business and replicate successful models in other localities. The fish cage farming model has proven local potential and its advantages and opened up a sustainable development approach on the Da reservoir.