Binh Phuoc province steps up external relations activities, international cooperation, cultural exch

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(VOVWORLD) - Now that Vietnam has integrated globally, foreign relation activities play a key role in socio-economic and cultural development, political stability, and security of each locality. With this in mind, Binh Phuoc provincial authorities have stepped up external relations activities to boost for economic integration and the international status of Binh Phuoc province, and Vietnam in general.  

Binh Phuoc province in southeastern Vietnam is part of the Southern Key Economic Zone. It shares a 260-kilometer border with Cambodia and serves as a link between the southeastern region with the Central Highlands and Cambodia.
Binh Phuoc province has Hoa Lu international border gate (Loc Ninh district), Hoang Dieu main border gate (Bu Dop district), and two supplementary border gates: Loc Thinh (Binh Phuoc)-Tonle Cham (Kampong Cham) and Tan Tien (Binh Phuoc)-Chay Kh’Leng (Kratie’).
Given its geographical location, foreign relations are always a priority in Binh Phuoc, which has engaged in a wide variety of communications to affirm Vietnam’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, thus leading to successful border demarcation and border marker plantation. 
Binh Phuoc province steps up external relations activities, international cooperation, cultural exch - ảnh 1 Hoa Lu international border gate in Loc Ninh district. (Photo:

Local businesses have been encouraged to participate in international trade fairs, trade cooperation conferences, investment and tourism promotion programs, and information exchanges with foreign organizations. Binh Phuoc province has attracted numerous foreign direct investment projects, which have contributed substantially to local socio-economic development.

Bui Quoc Khanh, Deputy Director of the Binh Phuoc provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and Vice Chairman of the Union of Friendship Organizations, told VOV, “We have actively participated in investment, trade, and tourism promotion campaigns to expand our economy and cooperation with neighboring countries, including Laos and Cambodia, and European and Asian countries. We aim to lure more investment and promote Binh Phuoc land, culture, and people."

"We have close ties with our neighbors. We have 260-kilometer border with Cambodia. Binh Phuoc province has twinned with six Cambodian provinces, including three that share our border: Mondulkiri, Karatie, Tabong Khmum. We have also linked with three localities in  the south of Laos, which Binh Phuoc does not border with. Binh Phuoc province wants to support Vietnamese people living in Laos and Cambodia,” he added.

In an effort to enhance tourism development and cultural exchanges, Binh Phuoc province has hosted art exchanges with Laos, Indonesia, and India, a national mountain climbing tournament, and the Binh Phuoc TV Cup Invitational Football Championship. These events have helped promote Binh Phuoc to the international community.

Binh Phuoc province steps up external relations activities, international cooperation, cultural exch - ảnh 2The Ba Ra national climbing tournament. (Photo:

Binh Phuoc has sent its delegations to Savanakhet, Champasak, Salavan, and Attapeu of Laos and Kratie’, Mondulkiri, Tabong Khmum, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, and Stung Treng of Campuchia. The local authorities have visited and greeted the Cambodian and Lao people and governments on their major traditional festivals and celebrations.

Mr. Khanh said, “To implement the Party’s guideline on foreign relations, in the third quarter of this year, the Binh Phuoc provincial Party Committee will sign agreements with political parties of Laos and Cambodia to forge mutual understanding and economic cooperation. We will also work closely with ministries and sectors to attract greater investment.”

Binh Phuoc’s foreign relations work reflects Vietnam’s foreign policy and its goodwill to improve ties with all countries, especially its neighbor Cambodia. Art and sports exchanges have enhanced mutual understanding and friendship between Binh Phuoc, and Vietnam in general, with people all around the world.