Binh Duong province takes care of workers as Tet draws near

Thien Ly
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Programs to take care of employees during Tet, the traditional Lunar New Year, are an annual activity in the industrial hub of Binh Duong in Vietnam’s southern region. In addition to steps taken by businesses, Binh Duong authorities have made plans to give workers a sufficient Tet.
Binh Duong province takes care of workers as Tet draws near - ảnh 1 Binh Duong province’s Labor Confederation will continue to arrange buses to take workers back home and return to work after Tet holiday. (Photo: VOV)

Despite production and business difficulties this year, Binh Duong enterprises plan to give their employees Tet bonuses and gifts.

Phan Le Diem Trang, Vice President of the provincial Textile and Garment Association, said, “Despite difficulties, our member businesses will still try to give their employees an adequate Tet. This Tet may not be as prosperous as in previous years, but we’ll do our best to raise the workers’ spirit and consolidate efforts to overcome difficulties.”

After a 2-year COVID-19 hiatus in which many workers at Binh Duong’s industrial parks were unable to rejoin their families for Tet, this year many businesses plan to organize “Spring love” trips to take employees home for Tet and bring them back when the holiday is over.

The provincial Labor Confederation has spent 800,000 USD to buy 5,000 round-trip train tickets for workers whose homes are in central or northern provinces.  

It plans to give employees 83,000 Tet gifts worth a total of 1.7 million USD and has asked authorities to buy gifts for disadvantaged workers and mobilize organizations, businesses, and local governments to organize support activities for employees.

Priority will be given to employees in difficult circumstances and victims of work accidents, occupational diseases, underemployment, job loss, or unpaid leave due to business difficulties.

Binh Duong province takes care of workers as Tet draws near - ảnh 2Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran, Deputy Chairwoman of Binh Duong province’s Labor Confederation, presents gifts to workers who face housing difficulties. (Photo: Hoang Trung/

Nguyen Hoang Bao Tran, the Confederation’s Vice Chairwoman, said that more than 400,000 workers are expected to stay in Binh Duong during Tet.

Programs such as "The Trade Union Tet Market 2023" and "Tet reunion - Spring bonding" will be organized, with contests and art performances and gift vouchers presented to needy workers.

“We’ll use the Confederation's budget to support workers this Tet. Activities to take care of employees will be organized early. We’ve called on businesses and donors to join our efforts this holiday,” said Tran.

To take care of those who have contributed to Binh Duong’s development, a list has been made of workers in difficult circumstances and victims of occupational diseases or work accidents. They will receive Tet gifts in addition to the gift sets given by the provincial trade union.

According to Nguyen Tam Duong, Chief of the provincial People's Committee Office, each worker has been given 43 USD pursuant to the Government Decision on implementing the housing rental assistance policy for employees.

He added, if businesses are supported to maintain production activities, they can pay workers 340 to 430 USD a month. That’s enough to give workers a decent life.

“The best way to take care of employees is to give them a stable job. But the provincial administration is also implementing measures to support disadvantaged workers at year end,” he said.

Local administrations and social organizations are getting boarding house owners to waive, reduce, or postpone workers’ rent payments. Some landlords have agreed to waive room rents. Many others have reduced their rents 20-50%.