VOV wins big at 2023 National Press Awards

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(VOVWORLD) - VOV journalists won two first prizes and one third prize in the broadcasting category of the 2023 National Press Awards. This is the first time VOV has won two first prizes at the contest. The awards ceremony took place in Hanoi on Friday, coinciding with the 99th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21).

VOV wins big at 2023 National Press Awards - ảnh 1Pham Huan, VOV’s bureau chief in the US, interviews US veteran Peter Mathews about the notebook's story.

One of the first prizes went to “Return”, which tells the story of US veteran Peter Mathews coming back to Vietnam in early 2023 to return the notebook of martyr Cao Van Tuat to his family. Pham Huan, VOV’s bureau chief in the US, was the first Vietnamese journalist to interview the American veteran.

“Peter was very happy to learn we were VOV reporters because he wanted to share the notebook’s story widely. Our conversation was emotional as he showed me the notebook he found during the Vietnam War," Huan recalled.

VOV wins big at 2023 National Press Awards - ảnh 2US veteran Peter Mathews and his wife take a photo with VOV journalists.

Huan said Peter had kept the notebook carefully for over 50 years, hoping to return it to its owner or the owner’s family.

"He saw this as his life’s mission and believed it would bring him peace. Peter wondered if the notebook’s owner had become a poet, writer, or artist because the drawings and handwriting were so beautiful,” Huan added. 

“Return” highlights the collaboration between VOV reporters in the US and Vietnam over three months, following Peter Mathews on his journey to fulfill his “life’s mission.”

VOV1 journalists accompanied the American veteran to Ha Tinh province in central Vietnam, where they witnessed the notebook being handed over to the martyr’s family on March 5, 2023, and captured the genuine emotions and stories shared during the reunion that day.
VOV wins big at 2023 National Press Awards - ảnh 3Journalist Thu Hoa interviews a relative of martyr Cao Van Tuat.

Journalist Nguyen Thi Thu Hoa said that “Return” offers solace from the scars of war.

"While war is a familiar topic, we approached it delicately, presenting perspectives from soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Through an echo effect, nostalgic music, and ambient sounds, we transported listeners to the past and enhanced their visualization of the story,” Hoa elaborated. 

Through “Return”, VOV journalists aim to convey a message: “The past cannot be changed, but together we can build a peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Vietnam and the US. Now is the time for Americans and Vietnamese people to forge a path of cooperation, leaving behind the suffering and legacy of war.”

VOV wins big at 2023 National Press Awards - ảnh 4Journalist Dinh Thieu in an interview with ethnic locals in mountainous areas.

In addition to “Return”, VOV also won first prize for a report on a program supporting impoverished ethnic minorities. The report, crafted by VOV’s bureau in the central region, consists of three articles reflecting the sentiments and objectives of local residents and officials engaged in the implementation of the National Target Program for Socio-Economic Development in Ethnic Minority and Mountainous Areas from 2021 to 2030.

Journalist Dinh Thieu said  that it wasn’t easy to complete this series, adding that the team had to visit remote and impoverished ethnic minority areas where locals start working early in the fields and return late. Meeting them often required scheduling through local officials beforehand or staying overnight in the village.

"We also had to trek through long forest paths to reach villages deep in the mountains, where phone signals were absent. Despite our preparations, there were times we couldn’t contact or meet locals upon arrival, so we had to wait further,” Thieu said.

VOV’s bureau in the central region also received third prize for the work “Stop being pushed around and fearing mistakes: Those who won’t act should step aside”. With three prestigious awards from the National Press Awards, VOV solidifies its reputation as a leading and respected press agency.


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