Melodies on the anti-COVID frontline

Bich Ngoc, Le Phuong
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - During the COVID-19 pandemic, professional and amateur songwriters have created hundreds of songs to express their emotion and uplift the spirit of people. Recently, the Vietnam Musicians’ Association and the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor have jointly held a contest themed “Melodies on the frontline” to popularize inspiring songs to soothe the souls of people and cheer the public in fighting the pandemic.
Melodies on the anti-COVID frontline - ảnh 1A press conference announces the program "Vietnam - Aspiration for peace" and the result of the “Melodies on the frontline”, "Unforgettable time" contests and activities to care for people affected by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic and tireless efforts of frontline forces to fight the pandemic have motivated songwriters and artists to focus on the topic of COVID-19.

"A matching song of the medical sector against the epidemic" expresses the enthusiastic and vibrant spirit of the medical staff through a majestic melody. The song was written by Professor doctor Nguyen Anh Tri when he said farewell to the staff of the Medlatec General Hospital to take missions in the south.

Doctor Nguyen Anh Tri said: “I want to convey a message to people taking on the anti-pandemic mission that this is a fierce and arduous battle. Every one goes to this battle needs to bring along a strong spirit and determination. The song also reflects our pride in joining the fight against the pandemic. It’s an opportunity for us to write beautiful pages in the Vietnamese medical sector’s history.”

Doctor Tri’s song is one of about 1,300 songs written by amateur songwriters nationwide for the contest “Melodies on the frontline.” The songs, which were written in various genres and styles, cheer the staunch spirit, enthusiasm,  and creativity of frontline forces in epicenters. They help soothe people affected by COVID-19, and hail people’s unity to fight the pandemic with a strong belief in success.

The songs deliver a message that it’s possible to surmount all hardships and difficulties when people have love, humanity, and responsibility for the community.

Pham Thanh Binh, President of the Trade Union of the medical sector, said that the songs have strong spiritual significance that comfort doctors and military, militia, and police forces.

"About 20,000 medical professionals in the north were mobilized to the southern epicenters. They suffered huge pressure from treating severe patients and facing with fatalities. They had to strictly follow disease prevention measures. The songs show great understanding, appreciation, and motivation,” said Binh.   

With lyrics and melodies, music can easily touch people's hearts and convey deep and meaningful messages to the public. Before the “Melodies on the frontline” contest, many songwriting and singing programs have been held to encourage people’s spirit during the pandemic.

Musician Do Hong Quan, President of the Vietnam Musicians’ Association, said: “Art in general and music in particular are very solid foundations. Those songs, I am sure, will touch the hearts of people because they show consensus, support, and sharing with the community and confidence in Vietnam’s success to contain the pandemic.”

The Vietnam Musicians’ Association will collaborate with VOV3 channel of Voice of Vietnam to record and publicize the songs of the “Melodies on the frontline” contest.