Meet VOV journalists with outstanding press works

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(VOVWORLD) -For the first time, Voice of Vietnam has won 2 A prizes at the National Press Awards of 2018, the highest award for outstanding journalistic works, honoring the authors who have produced the most outstanding pieces. VOV's works are highly appreciated for their accessibility, real-life relevance, as well as their positive impact on society. Let’s listen to the journalists and reporters of VOV, who were honored at the National Press Awards.

You have just heard the emotional introduction of journalist Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong in the special program "People's Heart" on VOV2, on the occasion of War invalids and martyrs day, July 27. This is the work that won the A prize at the National Press Awards in 2018, which covered the searching for the remains and the identification of the martyrs  by war veteran Pham Ngoc Mau during the last 30 years.

Meet VOV journalists with outstanding press works - ảnh 1

The 60-minute live program with the script is is intricate and vivid. Each story is a puzzle piece of the war. Each story comprises a full, rich memory. Journalist Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, working at VOV2, shared: “The difficulty is that with a 60-minute program it is impossible to attract listeners from the beginning to the end of the program. So in the way of building the script as well as relating to the characters, we have to create unexpected circumstances to make the audience feel continually attracted. Surprising in the program is a  meeting which took place that even the main character did not expect to have in the studio. That was the meeting between the main character Pham Ngoc Mau and the martyrs' relatives who were found by Mr Mau.”

            Not only appealing to the audience by the content of the program, the crew has made the most of the advantages of radio, namely in technological manipulations of the sound, to bring about the most authentic experience to the listeners. Journalist Nguyen Hong Quyen, the leader of the winning team, said: “Our program was broadcast live on radio, online on the website and we livestreamed the whole program on the fanpage VOV2 - Colorful life. When he held the memorabilia of the martyrs, the feelings came rushing back, and he seemed to be brought back to those   moments of searching for the graves of martyrs. His emotions were palpable and honest.”

The fan page of VOV2 has attracted nearly 5,000 visits and  many comments expressing admiration  for veteran  Pham Ngoc Mau and his compassionate actions.

           The series of "Links - Motivation for Agricultural Breakthrough" of VOV1 also received the A Prize at the National Press Awards in 2018, discussing the story of restructuring agriculture in various localities. In order to carry out this series of articles, VOV1 reporters went to the field to understand the difficulties that Vietnamese farmers are encountering. Journalist Nguyen Thi Huong Lan, lead author, shared: “The article is important in that it can convey the wishes of the people and also contribute a voice to the Party and the State as well as the agricultural sector to bring about changes for Vietnamese farmers. We think it is important that farmers are well aware of this problem and they may also listen to our articles so they can change their perceptions and habits. We want to contribute our voices to help the rural agriculture sector of Vietnam develop further, making Vietnam's agriculture and rural areas more prosperous.”

            Given the highest honors at the 13th National Press Awards in 2018, the award winning works of VOV journalists were highly appreciated for their considerable social impact.