Listener makes impression for 64 years of listening to VOV

Mai Hong
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - 75-year-old Nguyen Van Bam, who has been listening to Voice of Vietnam for 64 years, has recorded 4,000 songs broadcast on VOV on hundreds of cassettes. He is one of our faithful listeners who has great love for VOV.

Listener makes impression for 64 years of listening to VOV - ảnh 1 Nguyen Van Bam from Hanoi has been listening to VOV for 64 years (Photo: VOV)

Nguyen Van Bam from Hanoi’s Thanh Xuan district was born 10 days after the very first VOV program broadcast on September 7, 1945 and started listening to VOV when he was about 11. Bam listens to VOV news bulletins so often that he remembers their broadcast times. He said: "The news is broadcast everyday at 5AM, 6h30PM, 9PM, and 11PM. If VOV required listening fees, I would have paid a lot."

Bam went to the army in the 1970s to serve the nation's resistance war against foreign invaders. During his eight years working as a driver on the Truong Son route, he eagerly listened to VOV: "I loved listening to the radio with my commander, especially when we were driving at night. I always found a way to fulfill my passion whenever I had time."

By listening to the radio, Bam has not only received information about all aspects of life but also gained valuable experience. He has more than ten radios of different sizes and hundreds of tape recordings of more than 4,000 songs he recorded while listening to VOV for over half a century. He not only recorded his favorite programs but also noted down programs’ titles, songs, and tips for better health so he could easily search for information and send it to his friends. This job helped him make friends across the country.

85-year-old veteran Dang Van Thao in Nam Dinh city is a faithful VOV listener and a close friend with Nguyen Van Bam: "I have been a regular listener of VOV after 1954. Radio programs informed me about the latest happenings in Vietnam and the world which I often discussed with my family and friends. Bam and I got to know each other on the radio and we met in real life. I was amazed when Bam found my address and visited me. We talked about many things about life."

Listener makes impression for 64 years of listening to VOV - ảnh 2Journalist Dinh Khai, former deputy head of VOV News Department (

For radio journalists, having loyal and loving listeners like Bam and Thao is a great source of encouragement. Journalist Dinh Khai, former deputy head of VOV News Department said: "VOV needs to keep contact with Bam as well as other regular listeners. We can improve our programs and be closer to the audience if we understand what the audience needs."

VOV always treasures listeners’ support and hopes to have more loyal and loving listeners like Nguyen Van Bam.