Kumquat, peach blossom market heats up ahead of Tet

Kim Thanh, Phuong Thoa
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(VOVWORLD) - As the Lunar New Year or Tet is approaching, a kumquat or a peach tree for decoration in the home during Vietnam’s biggest holiday is a must for many Hanoians. According to gardeners in Tu Lien and Nhat Tan flower villages in Hanoi, approximately 80 percent of kumquat and peach trees in cultivation have been sold or leased.

Kumquat, peach blossom market heats up ahead of Tet  - ảnh 1

The leasing price of an old peach tree is estimated at more than 1,000 USD (Photo: laodongthudo.vn)

Ornamental tree and flower markets in Hanoi are getting busier, one week prior to the Lunar New Year. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Phong from Hanoi, said: “I bought a peach tree at a price of around 2,000 USD for my company. I prefer peach blossoms at Tet as the pink color symbolizes warmth and coziness, and captures the spirit of the reunion of families in the New Year.”

Kumquat and peach tree gardens in Nhat Tan and Tu Lien districts attract not only Hanoians but also customers from neighboring areas. Gardeners said this year they have enjoyed favorable weather conditions, so  the flowers will blossom just in time for Tet, with each blossom sold at about 20 USD.  The leasing price for a peach tree of decorative shape ranges from 130 USD to 1,000 USD.

“Peach trees are sold from 130 to 2,000 USD depending on their shape and size. The prices are the same to that of apricot trees. Many customers have ordered peach trees since as early as November. At this time, around 80 percent of available kumquat and peach trees have been sold or leased,” said gardener Do Tuan Viet. 

Kumquat, peach blossom market heats up ahead of Tet  - ảnh 2

Kumquat trees are sold from 25 to 100 USD, depending on their shapes and sizes (Photo: vietnamnet.vn)

The prices for ornamental kumquat trees vary from 25 to 100 USD, while a 3-meter kumquat tree of a unique shape is sold at nearly 1,500 USD. In recent years, consumers prefer bonsai kumquat trees, which are suitable for limited spaces. Gardener Nguyen Thi Yen said that despite small sizes, the bonsai kumquat trees are sold at higher prices as they require much more effort to grow and yield truly captivating shapes.

“Our garden has more than 1,000 kumquat trees. They must be shaped for one year,” said Yen.

Beside kumquat and peach trees, various other ornamental trees and flowers such as orchids, tulips and gerbera are also highly sought after during Tet.