Binh Thuan unlocks agricultural tourism potential

Doan Thuy Sy
Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Binh Thuan province on the south-central coast of Vietnam, has long been a popular destination for its seaside resorts and its cultural and historical relic sites. The province is now seeking to unlock its agricultural tourism potential to add the value of local products.

Binh Thuan unlocks agricultural tourism potential  - ảnh 1The entrance of Mr. Truc family's orchard. Photo: VOV

Binh Thuan has the largest acreage of dragon fruit tree cultivation in Vietnam. It also grows many other fruit trees, including apple, grape, and durian.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Truc's family in Ham Minh commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, considered Binh Thuan’s dragon fruit capital, grows  dragon fruit on 4 ha of land. In between the dragon fruit trees, he grows grapefruit, coconut, jackfruit, and mango. His orchard is frequented by his friends and relatives on weekends. As the word has spread, an increasing number of tourists also visit the orchard, giving Truc the idea of offering hospitality services. He  renovated his lotus pond, opened a fishing service, and created photo zones.

Truc said, “Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of visitors decreased over the past year. People from the city used to visit my coconut and grapefruit operation, usually on Saturday or Sunday.”

Binh Thuan unlocks agricultural tourism potential  - ảnh 2Tourists watch dragon fruit trees. Photo: VOV

In Ham Thuan Nam district, orchard visitors can observe the tending, harvesting and processing of dragon fruit and enjoy juice and dishes made from dragon fruit. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa is excited to pick grapefruits and coconuts at Nguyen Thanh Truc's orchard.

“This is the first time I have visited an orchard. I like the fresh, cool air and the fruit is delicious. The orchard owner is very hospitable and friendly. I’ve toured the orchard, I think it will attract many tourists,” said Thoa. 

Other districts in Binh Thuan province also grow a lot of fruit trees. Ho Cong Tien, head of Tuy Phong district's Culture and Information Department, said, “In recent years, Tuy Phong has focused on growing yellow grapefruits, yellow apples, chili, lemon, and banana to sell to tourists.”

Vo Xuan Nghia, Director of the Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Information Center, is optimistic about orchard tourism.

"Agricultural tourism is becoming popular. We have introduced it through media outlets and travel companies. Hopefully, when the COVID-19 epidemic subsides, the Binh Thuan tourism market will revive. Fruit orchards are a new attraction that helps to diversify tourism in our province,” said Nghia. 

Binh Thuan now has about 44,300 ha of fruit trees of all kinds in orchards that both produce fruit and offer tourism services.