Ca Mau Court’s ruling on divorce case involving Doan Huan, Thai My Phuong

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The Ca Mau Provincial People's Court would like to inform Mr. Doan Huan on the divorce case filed by Ms. Thai My Phuong, born in 1983.

Canadian citizen Doan Huan was born in 1958. His current address is 4561 Barclay Avenue #3 Montreal, Quebec, H3S 1K9, Canada.

Vietnamese citizen Thai My Phuong resides in Hamlet 1, Ward 8, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province.

In the Decree of Divorce No. 16/2022/HNGĐ-ST, dated November 30, 2022, the court’s judgements were stated as followed:

Pursuant to: Article 28, 37, 147, 153, 228, 474, and 477 of the  Civil Procedure Code; Clause 1 of Article 56 and Article 127 of the Law on Marriage and Family 2014; Resolution No. 326/2016/UBTVQH14 dated December 30, 2016 of the National Assembly Standing Committee, the Court decision was stated as follows:

-  Marital relationship: It is ordered and decreed by the Court that Ms. Thai My Phuong and Mr. Doan Huan are divorced and that the marriage between them is dissolved.

- Children, shared assets and debts: There was no request for settlement.  

- Court fee: Ms. Thai My Phuong has to pay 300,000 VND, which was already taken from a deposit court fee as described in Receipt No. 0000116 dated June 29, 2022 by the Ca Mau Department of Civil Judgment Enforcement.

- Ms. Thai My Phuong has the right to file an appeal against the Court’s ruling within 15 days after the decree is announced. The duration for Mr. Doan Huan to file an appeal against the Court’s ruling is 30 days after the decree is announced.

All documents sent to the Ca Mau municipal People’s Court must be legalized. 

Venue: The Ca Mau provincial People’s Court’s headquarters, No. 116 Phan Ngoc Hien, Ward 5, Ca Mau City, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. Phone number: (+84) 02903836934.

If there is no response from Mr. Doan Huan after one month, the Court’s decision will automatically come into effect.