VOV's female foreign desk journalists

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(VOVWORLD) - The Voice of Vietnam’s current affairs and commentaries have been popular around Vietnam for many years. To cover global issues requires journalists to have great general knowledge and a clear writing style. To mark Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day, June 21, VOV is featuring female journalists who cover world issues at VOV1, VOV’s News and Current Affairs channel.

VOV's female foreign desk journalists - ảnh 1Reporters and editors at VOV1. (Photo courtesy of journalist Thuy Ngoc)

Speaking and writing English fluently is the first requirement for reporters who cover world issues. Knowledge of different cultures around the world is also essential for reporting stories in a persuasive and accurate manner. A reporter or editor working in the world news section needs to closely follow the latest regional and global developments, according to VOV’s journalist Thuy Ngoc.

“There is a flux of events happening around the world every minute, and a journalist needs to select and cover the most important information, which requires significant knowledge and experience,” said Ngoc.

The East Sea (known internationally as the South China Sea) is one of the thorniest issues to cover, as it’s of great concern of many parties and there is a lot of related information, said Ngoc.

“To cover the East Sea issue, we have the support and consultancy of many international experts. Moreover, the Voice of Vietnam has a network of foreign correspondents who provide a great source of information on this issue,” she said.

VOV's female foreign desk journalists - ảnh 2Journalist Thuy Ngoc. (Photo courtesy of journalist Thuy Ngoc) 

Journalist Phuong Hoa of VOV1 said there are many difficulties facing foreign desk reporters.

“With many sources of information and lots of world events happening, we need to report on each issue from the best angle. A reporter needs to cover a complicated international issue in a neutral way from the stance of resolving conflicts in a peaceful manner in line with international law,” said Hoa.

A series called “The Battle of the Diplomatic Notes Continues: Four Sha strategy and China’s dangerous scheme,” created by a group of VOV1 reporters, recently became a finalist for the National Press Awards 2020.