Veteran artist dedicated to preserving Thai folk melodies

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Lo Thi Ban of the northern mountainous city of Son La is known for her performances of Thai folk songs. She is also passionate about teaching Thai songs to the younger generation in order to preserve Thai folk melodies.

Veteran artist dedicated to preserving Thai folk melodies - ảnh 1Artist Lo Thi Ban teaches Thai folk songs to local children. (Photo: VOV)

Lo Thi Ban performs a popular Thai song called “Sending love to the wind”. The song expresses love for one’s homeland, according to Mr. Cam Van Phong of Son La province.

“The song is about the love that young couples send each other on the wind. I feel moved whenever I hear Ban sing this song. It reminds me of the days when I went to the paddy fields. This song is very popular among older people,” said Phong.

Lo Thi Ban was born into a family of Thai traditional culture. She grew up with Thai melodies sung by her grandmother and mother. When Ban was 12 years old, she began to sing Thai songs at local festivals, and music and art events. Her performances are often accompanied by traditional musical instruments like the panpipe, the flute, or the two-chord fiddle.

Ban is among the few artists who have been taught the special singing techniques known only to veteran Thai folk singers, but she hasn’t hesitated to use her own creativity to adapt tunes to modern tastes.

“There are many folk songs, especially alternating songs, which need to be accompanied with the proper musical instrument, such as the flute or the two-chord fiddle,” said Ban.

Lo Thi Ban is the head of her village’s music troupe. Realizing that many Thai folk songs are starting to be forgotten, Ban goes to local clubs and teaches songs to young people in order to help preserve Thai culture. 

“Thanks to Ban, the club has attracted many young people who love to sing Thai songs. We hope that through Ban’s efforts, Thai folk songs will be preserved,” said Tong Thi Mai, head of Hin village in Son La city.