La Chi ethnic youngster active in social work

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Loc Van Huy of the La Chi ethnic minority group is the Secretary of Xin Man district’s Youth Union in Ha Giang province. Huy has persuaded local youth union members and young people to join many activities and projects that benefit the community.

La Chi ethnic youngster active in social work  - ảnh 1Loc Van Huy (first from left) helps poor people during the COVID-19 period. (Photo: VOV)

Loc Van Huy became a member of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union in 2011. He had joined other youth union members in many social activities, including organizing Lunar New Year celebrations for disadvantaged children, participating in road construction work, building schools, and organizing charity events for poor people.

After Huy became Chairman of Xin Man district’s Youth Federation and Secretary of the district’s Youth Union, he helped build 4 kindergartens and primary schools and 20 children’s libraries and has led many community activities in disadvantaged areas.

“Since I was a student at the Hanoi University of Culture, I’ve always wanted to do social work. When I returned to my home village, life there was still difficult. There was a lack of infrastructure, particularly housing and bridges. I called on local young people to get involved in community service,” said Huy.

Thanks to social work performed by local youth, bridges were built, which facilitates transportation in the area during the flood season.

“In the past, crossing rivers and streams was difficult. Since the bridges were built, transportation is much easier,” said Vang Van Tu, a resident of Xin Man district.

Loc Van Huy set up a blood donation club in Xin Man district, and signed up many local youth union members and other young people. He also helped establish a local Children’s Council.

Then Van Nghiem, Vice Secretary of Xin Man district’s Youth Union, said, “Huy is very enthusiastic and active. Having worked as Secretary of the district’s Youth Union for 2 years, Huy has contributed to a number of construction works, benefiting the local people.”

Huy said that to get young people involved in social work, you have to get close to them.

“I meet young people and find out what they need, so I can plan the proper activities. I make social work more interesting by integrating games and sports activities.”

In 2020, Loc Van Huy was honored as one of 75 outstanding Vietnamese young people for his contribution to national security.