Khmer monk dedicated to social work

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(VOVWORLD) - Most Venerable Thach Dara of the Khmer ethnic minority group has run Thlot pagoda in the southern province of Tra Vinh for many years. He has launched many movements to help local people have better lives.

Khmer monk dedicated to social work - ảnh 1Most Venerable Thach Dara explains new Government policies to Buddhist followers. (Photo: VOV)

Thach Dara was born in Hiep Hoa commune, where more than half of the population is Khmer. He knows well the life, culture, and customs of the local people. Dara holds two Khmer language classes for local children every year and often explains new policies to Buddhist followers at the pagoda.

“When living standards improve, people tend to crave more and become depraved. Thus, I often talk about the laws and advise people to stay away from social evils and law violations,” he said.

Most Venerable Dara instructs and encourages Buddhist followers to contribute to creating a cleaner, greener environment, upgrading rural roads, and building charity houses for disadvantaged people. In just 5 years 8 charity houses worth 17,000 USD have been built. Dara raised 55,000 USD in donations to build 9 rural bridges to facilitate the transportation of people and agricultural products.

Thanks to Dara’s effort, Hiep Hoa commune has completed its advanced new rural building criteria. Mr. Thach Tran Giang, Vice President of Hiep Hoa commune’s People’s Committee, said, “Most Venerable Thach Dara has been active in the new rural development movement. He has mobilized resources to build bridges in the rural area and always cares for poor people.”

Khmer monk dedicated to social work - ảnh 2Most Venerable Thach Dara presents gifts to poor people. (Photo: VOV) 

Over the past 5 years, Thach Dara has raised donations to provide gifts to thousands of disadvantaged students, and provide free medical exams, medicine, and health insurance cards worth more than 85,000 USD to poor elderly people and children.

He said he wants to do lots of good deeds to help society, following Buddhist teachings and the moral example of President Ho Chi Minh.

“President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching of industriousness, thrift, honesty, and veracity are similar to the Buddha’s teachings. Those who follow those teachings will have a better and more successful life,” said Dara.