Hai Phong female farmer turns barren land into fertile paddy fields

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(VOVWORLD) - Nguyen Thi Ha was born in a rural area near the northern port city of Hai Phong. In 2017, Ha established the Thuy Huong agricultural service and production cooperative, turning barren land into fields producing One Commune One Product (OCOP) products.

Hai Phong female farmer turns barren land into fertile paddy fields - ảnh 1Nguyen Thi Ha introduces Thuy Huong commune’s well-known rice cultivated in sand worm fields. (Photo: VOV)

4 months ago the 20-hectare paddy field in Ngu Doan commune, Hai Phong city, was blanketed with wild grass. Having witnessed many farmers leaving behind their farms, Nguyen Thi Ha offered to rent this land. After 20 days, the land was rejuvenated.

“First we got rid of the wild grass, improved the soil and irrigation system, and then chose Japan’s DS1 and Lang Lieu glutinous rice varieties. The rice is organically grown using bio fertilizer for environmental protection and higher output,” said Ha.

Ha learned to plough and invested in agricultural production machines. Her Thuy Huong agricultural service and production cooperative now cultivates 300 hectares of land in Kien Thuy district and neighboring areas.

“We provide seedling consultation and mechanical services to 8 northern provinces and buy all their products. Many farmers have returned to their land. We aim to develop clean and centralized agricultural production and build brand names for our farm produce. Agricultural production is now mechanized. We have automatic ploughing machines and  pesticide and fertilizer spraying machines,” said Ha.

Ha has experimented with rice cultivation in association with raising sand worms, generating an average output of 3.5 tonnes of rice per hectare with a revenue of 1,300 USD per hectare, 3 times more than normal rice varieties. The model of rice and worms living symbiotically has proven effective.

Hai Phong female farmer turns barren land into fertile paddy fields - ảnh 2Rice seedlings grown by Ha' cooperative. (Photo: VOV) 

Thuy Huong cooperative’s rice and sand worm model is now being implemented on 200 hectares in Kien Thuy district and nearby localities. 

The Thuy Huong agricultural service and production cooperative produces 600 tons of rice per year, the 100 tonnes cultivated in sand worm fields selling for 2 USD per kilo. 

Thuy Huong cooperative’s rice grown in sand worm fields has been recognized as an OCOP product of Hai Phong since 2019. So far, the cooperative has produced 4 four-star products and 5 three-star products, which are sold at shops and supermarkets in more than 20 cities and provinces nationwide. 

Bui Van Phat, Vice Chairman of Thuy Huong commune’s People’s Committee, says the Thuy Huong cooperative has changed local agricultural production practices.

“Previously, farmers used only traditional methods. Since the establishment of Thuy Huong cooperative, agricultural production has been mechanized, which has boosted output, improved local incomes, and renovated barren lands,” said Phat.

Ha was honored at the most recent Hai Phong Women’s Festival and was named one of Vietnam’s outstanding farmers of 2023.