Gia Lai teacher devotes to poor ethnic pupils

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) - Having taught at Nga Yo, a small remote school in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai for many years, teacher Phan Thi Khanh has tried her best to encourage local ethnic minority pupils to attend class regularly. Her effort has been recognized by local authorities and people.

Gia Lai teacher devotes to poor ethnic pupils  - ảnh 1Teacher Phan Thi Khanh. (Photo: VOV) 

Most of pupils in the region are Jrai ethnic people living in difficult circumstances and are unable to speak Vietnamese. During the coffee harvest time, many skip school to work.

But the situation is different in Nga Yo, a branch of Nguyen Viet Xuan school. Because of Phan Thi Khanh’s effort and encouragement, the pupils attend class regularly, even during the harvest time. Khanh’s pupils are self-confident and have good communication skills.

In addition to regular classes, Khanh conducts extra classes twice a week. She says that to be successful in a disadvantaged area, a teacher must be dedicated and close to her pupils and their families.

“I talk to local people about the benefits of education and encourage them to send their children to school so that they will have good jobs in the future. The teacher has to spend a lot of time talking to ethnic pupils and making them interested in school,” said Khanh.

Gia Lai teacher devotes to poor ethnic pupils  - ảnh 2Teacher Khanh and her pupils at Nga Yo school. (Photo: VOV)

At the beginning of a new school year, Khanh persuades local people to donate books, warm clothes, and school supplies for the pupils. Thanks to Khanh’s effort, local people have become more involved in their children’s education. 

“Ms. Khanh cares a lot about the children’s lives as well as their studies. As a parent, I want to assist her effort to educate my children,” said Ro Mah Hem, the parent of one of Khanh’s pupils.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hiep, head of Nguyen Viet Xuan primary school, said, “Ms. Khanh is dedicated and works very hard, even at the weekend. I’m really moved by what she has done for the disadvantaged local pupils”.