Elderly activist helps keep his village safe from COVID-19

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(VOVWORLD) - Despite his age, Lam Van Mau of the border province of Lang Son, goes house to house in his area every day, telling people about current pandemic preventive measures. Mau takes seriously the government slogan “fighting the epidemic is like fighting an enemy, each citizen a soldier.”

Elderly activist helps keep his village safe from COVID-19  - ảnh 1Lam Van Mau (R) tells a local man about current pandemic preventive measures. (Photo: VOV)

At 80, Lam Van Mau is still very active in social work. Every day he obtains the latest information about the pandemic and the latest preventive measures and regulations issued by local authorities and the Health Ministry and delivers it to the people of Cooc Mo hamlet.

“Fighting COVID-19 is the shared responsibility of everyone, so I want to be part of that effort. I visit people’s houses every day, talk to them, and make sure they know what to do about COVID-19,” said Mau.

The old man carrying a bag of face masks and fliers on his rusty bicycle has become a familiar local sight. People trust Mau for advice about many things in their daily lives.

“Mau is a prestigious man in our hamlet. He has the influence to persuade people to fight COVID-19. He goes house to house to inform people about the pandemic,” said Vi Van Khen, the head of Cooc Mo hamlet.

Mau patiently and persistently advises people to be careful of the risks and strictly follow the Health Ministry’s regulations. Mau said he has to get close to the people to persuade them effectively.

“The pandemic is getting worse. Local young people were ignoring it at first, but gradually they’ve started paying attention,” said Mau.

Elderly activist helps keep his village safe from COVID-19  - ảnh 2A community-based anti-COVID-19 group in Lang Son province. (Photo: VOV) 

Thanks to Mau’s efforts, local people are now more aware of the danger and more active in preventing the coronavirus from spreading. 

“Community-based anti-COVID-19 groups play an important role in the fight. Mr. Lam Van Mau is an exemplary model, who has helped to promote the groups,” said Ly Quoc Viet, Chairman of Minh Son commune’s People’s Committee.

Mau receives no pay for his work, but that doesn’t stop him from doing all he can to help win the fight against COVID-19.