Dak Lak village chief serves as role model in local movements

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(VOVWORLD) - As the head of Buor hamlet in the Central Highland province of Dak Lak, Y Siem Bkrong a.k.a. Ama Thap always takes the lead in local movements. Ama Thap has contributed greatly to improving local people’s lives. 

Dak Lak village chief serves as role model in local movements  - ảnh 1Village chief Ama Thap (left) (Photo: VOV) 

All the roads in Buor hamlet, Hoa Xuan commune, are shaded by colorful bougainvillea trees. They were planted under the direction of hamlet chief Ama Thap.

“Hamlet chief Ama Thap has asked the villagers to clean the roads and create green spaces by planting trees. We are delighted to follow his lead,” said H’Lep Nie, a local resident.

Ama Thap also took the lead in crop restructuring by intercropping pepper and durians on his coffee farm. He encouraged the villagers to follow his successful model and apply technology to their farming and husbandry. Thap actively supports poor and policy beneficiary families and helps them stabilize their lives.

“Ama Thap instructs us in farming techniques and administrative procedures. He has helped us develop the local economy and improve our standard of living,” Y Sol Buon Dap of Buor hamlet said.

Ama Thap recalled that in 2011 he was incited by hostile forces to get involved in illegal activities. When he realized their bad intentions, he went with local officials from house to house to explain the hostile forces’ wicked schemes to the people. 

For his contribution Ama Thap was appointed deputy chief and then chief of his hamlet. He also holds the post of Deputy Secretary of the hamlet’s Party cell.

“I persuaded local people not to be incited by the hostile forces and encouraged them to focus on developing the local economy in order to have a better life. With government support for irrigation, farming techniques, and upgraded village roads, the people are now happier and feel more secure,” said Ama Thap.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thuan, Secretary of Hoa Xuan commune’s Party Committee, said, “Ama Thap is young, dynamic, dedicated, and respected by his neighbors. He has started several initiatives in new rural development, and is very active in local movements.”