Central Highlands nun nurtures hope for abandoned children

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(VOVWORLD) - Thien An Orphanage in Pleiku city in the Central Highlands was established by nun Nguyen Thi Kim Chi in 2010. Thien An is now home to more than one hundred disadvantaged children, orphans, and single mothers.

Central Highlands nun nurtures hope for abandoned children - ảnh 1

Many disadvantaged children are taken care of by nun Nguyen Thi Kim Chi. (Photo: dantri.com.vn)

Nguyen Thi Kim Chi was born into a poor family in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak. When Chi was 13 years old, she was sent to an orphanage.. She managed to pass the entrance exam to Tay Nguyen University, where she majored in agriculture.

After graduation, Chi went to work at the Monastery of St. Paul, teaching free classes on farming and husbandry techniques to help local ethnic people increase their income. During this time, she taught many ethnic children how to plant crops and raise cattle. Many of the children lacked parental care and were undernourished, so Chi decided to set up an orphanage. She wasted no time getting permission from the local authorities and raising donations to build the Thien An Orphanage.

“Many children are abandoned or not taken proper care of. Some have to work very hard to earn a living and have no chance to go to school. I bring them to Thien An Orphanage to help them integrate into society,” said Chi.

Central Highlands nun nurtures hope for abandoned children - ảnh 2

Children at Thien An Orphanage. (Photo: dantri.com.vn)

Chi is supported by a staff of 40 who are disabled or disadvantaged people. The children come from different backgrounds, but most of them are ethnic minority children.

Dinh Van Duong said, “I grew up at Thien An Orphanage. I was carefully looked after by the nuns there and I’m grateful to them.”

The children at Thien An can take vocational courses in motorbike repair, electricity, or baking. 

“Thien An Orphanage is growing. I will keep working to give disadvantaged children a better life,” said Chi.