Vietnam's economic growth makes international headlines

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(VOVWORLD) -Vietnam’s impressive growth is highlighted by foreign media, which underlined the country’s trade liberalization, improved business facilitation, investment in human resources, and particularly a stable politics.

Vietnam's economic growth makes international headlines  - ảnh 1A yarn assembly line at Phu Tho Textile Co., Ltd. Photo: VNA

The moderndiplomacy webpage on February 4 published an analysis by Professor Pankaj Jha (O.P Jindal Global University, India) on prospects of Vietnam’s economic growth in 2023.

“The economic growth of Vietnam has been accelerating and the agricultural sector has been productive in ensuring food security for Vietnamese citizens. As per one of the estimates this sector contributed more than 14 per cent in national gross domestic product.” “This sector also earned valuable foreign exchange of more than U.S. dollar 48 billion,” the article said.

In the East Asia Forum page on January 30, Suiwah Leung, Honorary Associate Professor of Economics at the Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University, said Vietnam's economy shows signs of recovery.

Vietnamese economy rebounded and GDP is reported to have grown by a surprisingly high 8.03% in 2022 — above trend growth compared to the decade before COVID-19 hit in 2020, Suiwah Leung said.

Bloomberg said Vietnam pulls off Asia’s fastest growth as economy powers on with a growth rate of 8.03% in 2022. Foreign direct investment in Vietnam performed quite well and received nearly 27.8 billion USD last year.