Vietnam, US spare no effort to nurture comprehensive partnership

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam’s leaders on Monday sent congratulatory messages to US President Joe Biden and US Congressional leaders on the occasion of the US’s Independence Day, July 4. 
Vietnam, US spare no effort to nurture comprehensive partnership  - ảnh 1US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc Knapper. (Photo: Hoang Long)

Since Vietnam and the US established diplomatic ties in 1995, bilateral relations have grown strongly and have been upgraded to a comprehensive partnership. The US has pursued an unswerving policy of supporting an independent, powerful and prosperous Vietnam, and highly values its relations with Vietnam and Vietnam’s role in the region and the world.

“The relationship that our two countries enjoy today is thanks to the hard work and the good will of hundreds of thousands of people in each country over the last three decades. The hard work to build the relationship, to build trust and so I sit here today, beneficiary of the efforts of my predecessors,” said US Ambassador Marc Knapper.

”I sit here because of the great work of the people who came before us who work for Vietnamese side and American side. Priority is that we want to upgrade our relationship from its current level of comprehensive partnership to that of strategic partnership.”

The US attaches great importance to Asia-Pacific and is working closely with Vietnam to develop the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework to improve the strength, inclusiveness, and competitiveness of Framework partners.