Vietnam prioritizes food security

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(VOVWORLD) - Ambassador Mai Phan Dung, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations, says ensuring food security is a top priority in the context of climate change. 

Vietnam prioritizes food security - ảnh 1Ambassador Mai Phan Dung, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the United Nations. (Photo: Anh Hien/ VNA)

Climate change has made people more vulnerable to poverty and malnutrition, he said, during a discussion of the High Commissioner’s report on climate change, which took place within the framework of the 55th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Wednesday.

On behalf of the core group for climate change and human rights – Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the Philippines – Mr. Dung said climate change is making food production and access more difficult and undermining food security, nutrition, and the full realization of the right to food.

He thanked the High Commissioner for mentioning the issue in his report and providing recommendations for mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change on the right to food.

Ambassador Dung asked the High Commissioner to clarify his proposal to build and implement policies that ensure a just transition to more sustainable food systems.

He also urged him to recommend measures for countries, especially those with export orientations, to reform farming activities to ensure food security, increase adaptability to climate change, and maintain stable livelihoods and prosperity.