Vietnam Innovation Startup international seminar: experience for Vietnamese firms

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - 800 economists, entrepreneurs, and startups on Friday gathered at the Vietnam Innovation Startup international seminar in Hanoi to share experiences regarding Vietnamese startups .

Participants said there are five branches of startups in Vietnam – traditional startups, startup incubation systems, innovative startups based on technological platforms, AI-based startup firms, and household businesses.

Associate Professor, Dr. Dinh Viet Hoa, Chairman of the National Startup Association, said the annual event “Vietnam Startup 4.0”  has helped to spread the startup spirit.

“The seminar aims to exchange perspectives on innovation and startups. Participants will touch upon who can start up a business and the associated  advantages and challenges. Speakers will provide the latest information on startup developments in Vietnam and around the world and share the experiences of successful firms in Vietnam,” Hoa added.