US deficit poses ‘significant risks’ to global economy, warns IMF

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(VOVWORLD) - The IMF has warned the US that its massive fiscal deficits have stoked inflation and pose “significant risks” for the global economy.
US deficit poses ‘significant risks’ to global economy, warns IMF - ảnh 1IMF headquarters in Washington (Archive photo: AFP/VNA)

The fund said in its benchmark Fiscal Monitor that it expected the US to record a fiscal deficit of 7.1 per cent next year — more than three times the 2 per cent average for other advanced economies.

It also raised concerns over Chinese government debt, with the country set to record a deficit of 7.6 per cent in 2025 — more than double the 3.7 per cent average for other emerging markets — as Beijing copes with weak demand and a housing crisis.

The US and China were among four countries the fund named that “critically need to take policy action to address fundamental imbalances between spending and revenues”. The others were the UK and Italy.

Rampant spending by the US and China in particular could “have profound effects for the global economy and pose significant risks for baseline fiscal projections in other economies”, the IMF said.