Thailand receives COVID-19 prevention antibody drug from AstraZeneca

National News Bureau of Thailand
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(VOVWORLD) -The Ministry of Public Health has received the long-acting antibody drug from AstraZeneca, intended to help provide immunocompromised persons with protection against COVID-19.
Thailand receives COVID-19 prevention antibody drug from AstraZeneca - ảnh 1

The drugmaker on Thursday delivered the first 7,000 doses of its antibody treatment, out of the initial 250,000 doses ordered by the Thai government.

Unlike vaccines, which trigger the immune system to generate immune responses against a pathogen, this long-acting antibody treatment can provide ready-to-use antibodies that neutralize the virus, preventing it from infecting cells.

Health authorities in Thailand intend to provide this prophylaxis treatment to those with weakened immune systems, who may not be able to adequately generate a sufficient level of immune response after vaccination.

The Ministry of Public Health is preparing to roll out Evusheld to patients with chronic kidney diseases who require regular dialysis, and patients on immunosuppressants.

According to the ministry, there are some 500,000 people in Thailand who live with weakened immune systems.

Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul said this antibody treatment is safe and will help reduce the chance of infections, severe illness, and death from COVID-19.

He said the treatment will be provided to eligible patients at no cost, adding that private hospitals can request the treatment from the Ministry of Public Health for their patients at no charge.

Dr. Kiattiphum Wongrajit, Permanent Secretary of Public Health, said medical professionals are ready to provide this antibody treatment to all patients.

He said preparation briefings on the use of this treatment are being organized and the drug will gradually be distributed to service areas.

AstraZeneca’s Evusheld treatment is intended for use in people 12 years old and over, weighing 40 kilograms or more. The administration of this drug can provide around 6 months of protection. Patients with chronic kidney disease, organ transplant recipients, patients on immunosuppressants, and anyone who cannot generate immune protection after vaccination can benefit from this antibody treatment. The drug should be administered to those without a prior history of COVID-19 infections, and those who are not considered at high risk. Minimal side effects have been reported from the use of this treatment.