Seminar discusses child protection in the digital world

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(VOVWORLD) -Participants in a workshop on children in the digital world in Hanoi on Wednesday agreed that IT and the Internet benefits children but also carries risks.

Seminar discusses child protection in the digital world  - ảnh 1 (Photo: Hoang Hieu/VNA)

The meeting was jointly organized by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and  the United Nations Children's Fund in Vietnam (UNICEF) ahead of this year’s Action Month for Children in June.

Children spending more and more time on the Internet for different purposes exposes them to risks, including abuse, said Nguyen Ngoc Anh, a child protection expert with UNICEF in Vietnam.

As a result, he underscored the need to design a separate component child protection strategies to address cyber-bullying, online child abuse, and exploitation. Stakeholder cooperation and coordination are the key to success.

“A multilateral approach is important. Protecting children effectively requires many parties to be involved, including the Government, social organizations, child protection experts, parents, media, and private businesses,” said Ngoc Anh.