Russian President blames drone attacks on Moscow terrorist act

VOV's journalist in Russia
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(VOVWORLD) - Russian President Vladimir Putin called Tuesday’s drone attack on Moscow and the surrounding region a “terrorist activity” and an attempt to “intimidate” Russian citizens.
Russian President blames drone attacks on Moscow terrorist act - ảnh 1A building in Moscow was damaged by a drone attack on May 30, 2023. (photo: Reuters)

Putin asserted that, during its special military operation, the Russian army has only carried out high-precision attacks against military infrastructure, while the Ukrainian army targets civilian facilities. Putin said: “The Kyiv regime has chosen the path of attempting to intimidate Russian citizens and striking residential buildings. This is clearly a sign of terrorist activity."

Russia said eight drones targeted civilian areas of Moscow and the Moscow region in the early hours of Tuesday but were either shot down or diverted with special electronic jammers. Russia's Foreign Ministry said it reserves the right to take the most severe measures in response to the drone attack.

Mikhail Podolyak adviser to the head of the Office of the Ukrainian President, said Ukraine was not directly involved in Tuesday’s drone attacks on Moscow.