Prime Minister responds to NA deputies’ queries

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(VOVworld) - National Assembly deputies on Wednesday continued their Q&A session with cabinet members including Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

Prime Minister responds to NA deputies’ queries  - ảnh 1

(VOVworld) - National Assembly deputies on Wednesday continued their Q&A session with cabinet members including Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. The session was broadcast live on TV and radio. In response of deputies’ questions about the socio-economic development plan next year, Prime Minister Dung said that the government will resolutely implement tasks and measures set out by the National Assembly. He also introduced 4 groups of measures to help businesses tackle their difficulties. "The government will focus on stabilizing the macro economy, maintaining an appropriate economic growth, and controlling inflation. These are the fundamental measures to tackle difficulties for enterprises. We will also strengthen the economic restructuring, change the growth model in combination with other breakthrough measures to facilitate enterprises. The government considers clearing bad debts, inventories and real estate market a focal task. Lastly, the government will continue strengthening administrative reforms including reforming the institution and administrative procedures to ensure a full and transparent market economy", said Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

The Prime Minister also called on enterprises to renovate and restructure their business plans and the management to improve the productivity and competitiveness. He also admitted his responsibility for the government’s weaknesses and shortcomings in managing the socio-economic development plan. He said the government will work to improve its competence, the quality of legal mechanism and law enforcement, capability in forecasting, analyzing and evaluating, strengthen the disciplines and supervision as well as strictly punish offenders thus fine-tuning the system from the central to grassroots level. Dung said the government will strictly deal with corruption cases. The Prime Minister also responded to deputies’ questions about policies for people, who have to be relocated for construction of power plants and about the safety of the Tranh river power plant 2.

The same day, Minister of Heath Nguyen Thi Kim Tien answered deputies’ questions about medic ethics, food safety, the quality of medical treatment and administrative reforms. Further reporting on the food safety issue, Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan promised to resolutely deal with the program to protect people’s health.

At the end of the Q&A session, National Assembly Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung said the session was carried out in a democratic, open and transparent manner. Questions were diverse covering issues of voters’ concern and cabinet members responded appropriately with necessary solutions. Hung also asked the National Assembly, the Government, the People’s Supreme Court, the People’s Supreme Procuracy and relevant agencies to promptly reply to nearly 1,700 questions from voters.