President Putin says Russia can't be isolated

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(VOVWORLD) - Russia can't be isolated. It’s certainly impossible to isolate anyone in the world today, especially such a huge country as Russia, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.  
President Putin says Russia can't be isolated  - ảnh 1Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: AFP/VNA)

Moscow will work with those partners who want to cooperate with Russia, he said on a visit to the Vostochny space launch facility in Russia's Far East.

Putin reviewed the achievements in the space industry when the Soviet Union was isolated and emphasized that despite any sanctions, the Soviet Union was still first in space – the first artificial satellite launched from earth, the first manned flight into space, and the first spacewalk.

He insisted that Russia with its advanced technologies will develop its space program through 2030, adding Russia will work with Belarus to carry out a large project in creating and launching a special spacecraft to study the Earth.

Moscow, Putin said, will launch a lunar probe named Luna-25 in the third quarter of this year and strengthen cooperation with Belarus in space technology and infrastructure that guarantees their independent access to space.