North Korea fires ballistic missiles:

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(VOVWORLD) - Authorities in South Korea and Japan detected two North Korean missiles on Sunday morning. It's the latest in a spate of North Korean missile launches.

North Korea launched two ballistic missiles on Sunday morning, according to South Korea's military and Japan's coast guard.

South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said the launches, fired about 50 minutes apart, took place from North Korea’s Tongchang-ri area on Sunday morning but gave no further details.

The Japanese defence ministry said the missiles flew to an altitude of 550km (342 miles) and covered a range of 250km (155 miles).

Japan’s Vice Defence Minister Toshiro Ino said the missiles appeared to have landed outside the country’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and there had been no reports of damage so far.

The latest launches come three days after Pyongyang said it tested a “high-thrust solid-fuel motor” engine, which experts said would allow quicker and more mobile launches of its ballistic missile arsenals.