National Assembly ready for Q&A session ​

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - The National Assembly will begin a 3-day Q&A session on Tuesday, grilling cabinet members about labor, social affairs, science and technology, ethnic affairs, and transportation.

Deputy Chu Hoi said and he hopes that ministers will come up with effective solutions to these pressing issues.

Deputy Nguyen Viet Nga said she is keen on how to increase labor productivity.

“Last year, we failed to achieve the targets of labor productivity and labor restructuring. If there is no improvement in labor productivity this year, the target for the 2020-2030 will certainly not be met,” she said.

Deputy Van Thi Bach Tuyet said she is interested in the implementation of the national target programs and policies for ethnic minorities, particularly in disadvantaged areas.

"I want to know how these programs and policies have benefited ethnic people’s life and income," said Tuyet.  

The Q&A session will be broadcast live on TV and radio.