Macron calls on Europe to build strategic autonomy

Quang Dung, VOV Paris
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(VOVWORLD) -France's President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday continued to defend a call for the European Union to implement a policy of strategic autonomy, separate from the US when it comes to the Taiwan issue.

He insisted that France is the US’s ally, but that doesn’t mean France can't pursue policies that serve its own interests.

Macron told a news conference in Amsterdam alongside Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte after concluding a state visit to the Netherlands that he is not afraid of the statement made earlier this week about the need for Europe to build strategic autonomy, reduce dependence on the US, and have an independent policy from the US in the future approach to the US-China conflict over the Taiwan (China) issue.

Macron said France's policy on the Taiwan issue has always been consistent, clear, and unwavering –  in favor of the status quo, the One China policy, and the peaceful resolution of disputes.

“Our position is compatible with the ally role. But this is where I insist on strategic autonomy. Being an ally does not mean being a vassal. It is not, because we are allies and we do things together, that we do not have the right to think for ourselves,” said Macron.

He added that what’s happening shows that France has no lessons to take from anyone, neither on Ukraine nor on Sahel or Taiwan.

Macron fiercely responded to criticism from many American politicians, including former US President Donald Trump, saying that they were only trying to escalate tensions while France points to a shared vision of an open Indo-Pacific region without seeking to complicate the situation.