Luxembourg media praise prospects for Vietnam-Luxembourg cooperation

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(VOVWORLD) - Over the past few days Luxembourg’s media widely covered Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel’s official visit to Vietnam, stressing that the visit will further strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries.
Luxembourg media praise prospects for Vietnam-Luxembourg cooperation - ảnh 1A signing ceremony of an MoU on cooperation between the Vietnam Confederation of Commerce and Industry and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (photo: Xuan Khu/VNA) 

The Luxembourg government’s portal and the daily gave a wide coverage of the visit.

They reported that Vietnam is attracting a growing number of Western companies including those from Luxembourg. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement has created opportunities for Luxembourg’s service and financial businesses. Luxembourg’s export to Vietnam has almost doubled since 2019 while its import from Vietnam has risen sharply.

According to these articles, the two countries have great potential to further strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Other websites including and have also covered Prime Minister Xavier Bettel’s visit to Vietnam.