“Layers of Hanoi” reflects young artists' view of sustainable art

Cam Thi
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - “Layers of Hanoi”, an exhibition of paintings and art works created from fabric scraps, opens on Saturday morning at Ngo Quyen Art Exhibition Center in Hanoi. 
“Layers of Hanoi” reflects young artists' view of sustainable art - ảnh 1Mam non Ha Noi (Sprouts of Hanoi) by Doan Phuong Linh (photo: Cam Thi)

50 students in Hanoi have participated in the project sponsored by USAID through the ASEAN Social Impact Program by Fulbright University Vietnam. They target to recycle 100kg of fabric scraps collected from small tailor shops to create 200 paintings and art works. The paintings drew on recycled canvas, bags, aprons, and other items will be auctioned to raise fund for growing trees at schools in Bac Quang district, Ha Giang province.

Doan Quoc Trung, a USAID representative, said: “The Social Impact Program creates projects for young people to brainstorm and realize their ideas to address social and environmental problems in Vietnam. We strongly appreciate and support the students’ initiative to reuse waste fabric to create art works. The proceeds from selling these art works will be used to grow trees at schools in Ha Giang province.”
Painter Vu Ngoc Long, Director of Ngo Quyen Art Exhibition Center, said the students have turned scrap fabric into canvas for painting and other items. Their products have artistic and social values as they have proven that waste can be useful. The project reflects young people's interest in and solutions for environmental protection.
“Layers of Hanoi” reflects young artists' view of sustainable art - ảnh 2From left: Chua Mot Cot (One Pillar Pagoda) by Vu Nhat Tien, Rua va Nghe (Turtoise and Unicorn) by Lee Nguyen Sae Hae, Ha Noi trong toi (Hanoi in me) by Pham Duc Viet. (Photo: Cam Thi)
Inspired by the cultural and historical diversity and richness of Hanoi, "Layers of Hanoi" portrays the capital’s images in the past to modern life through multidimensional artistic perspectives of young artists.
Painter Ngoc Thao, who is studying at the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, talks about her idea: “My painting features a little girl in a traditional Hanoi family. The exhibition's theme is “Layers of Hanoi”, so I draw the first layer, which is family. In our life, we experience several layers of events and emotion. Family, the first layer of any person, is a source of inspiration for me.”
The exhibition opens from Saturday to Tuesday with the auction to be closed in the afternoon.  For those who are unable to visit the exhibition, they can join the online auction at 4V - For Vai For Vietnam on Facebook.
Within the framework of the exhibition, there was an art-talk on Sustainable Art through Generational Perspective with the participation of speakers representing generations of artists, including painter Le Huy Tiep, painter Vu Ngoc Long, architect and sculptor Nguyen Truong Giang, and painter Vu Tuan Viet. The talk discussed the relationship between art and the environment, the concept of sustainable art, and the trends of sustainable art development in Vietnam.