Covid-19 deaths in US surpass 1,000

Pham Huan - VOV correspondent in the US
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(VOVWORLD) - The number of reported deaths linked with Covid-19 in the US was around 1,050 as of Thursday noon, up 250 deaths a day before. The number of confirmed cases totaled 69,000, third most cases in the world.

Covid-19 deaths in US surpass 1,000 - ảnh 1 (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

Since the first death reported on February 29, the number of new infected and dead patients has soared in recent days. In many cities and states, citizens were asked to stay home to curb the spread of Covid-19. But infection tally continues to rise as new test kits have been supplied and shortened the waiting time for results.

Emergency disaster declarations have been approved in seven states. New York has the highest infection rate in the US.