Charming Y Ty moutain

Chia sẻ

(VOVWORLD) -Y Ty commune is located in the west of Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province, about 68 km northwest of the district capital. 

Viewed from Sin Chai, Y Ty valley appears with the color of the leaves, the mountains, the sky, and the clouds. It’s a great place to hunt clouds. Photo: Le Minh Hieu

Y Ty cloud in a photo by architect Le Minh Hieu, who has been intimately familiar with this place for many years. Photo: Le Minh Hieu

The beautiful mountain slopes of Y Ty covered by clouds. Photo: VOV

Standing at the top of Lao Than, visitors can reach out and touch the clouds. Photo: VOV

Y Ty’s terraced fields have made tourists and photographers passionate about the northwest highlands. Photo: LPA

The terraced fields here are particularly beautiful in August when they turn the bright yellow of ripe rice, and in July when they are the green color of young rice, but they’re quite beautiful all summer long. Photo: Hoang Xuan

From Phin Ho to the top of Lao Than is nearly 10km. The road is quite steep but not too treacherous. On this mountain, there are no dense forests, only small shrubs, spreading like an immense steppe. Photo: Le Minh Hieu

The "death" roads are also attractive "check-in" points. Photo: Ngo Thanh Hai

Rays of sunlight falling on forest, flowers and grass create a party of light as beautiful as a dream. Photo: Hoang Xuan

Along the way, visitors encounter seas of exotic flowers. Photo: Le Minh Hieu

Villages hidden in the mountain mist. Photo: Le Minh Hieu

Villages hidden in the mountain mist. Photo: Le Minh Hieu

Photo: Le Minh Hieu