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(VOVWORLD) - With a desire to contribute to solving problems that directly affect the lives of people in Vietnam while promoting the spirit of Make in Vietnam, over the past few years, Vconnex Industrial Technology Joint Stock Company of the  VNPT telecommunications group, has researched and launched many new products with practical applications. In particular, the Vconnex smart energy meter  has been well received by many households and awarded the Excellence Award by the Ministry of Information and Communications at the Make in Vietnam Potential Product Award 2021.
Vconnex- Smart energy meter - ảnh 1Vconnex - smart energy meter was launched in July, 2021 (photo:

Launched in July 2021 amid the developments of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the Vconnex Smart Power Consumption Monitor (Vconnex Smart Meter) is designed with a wide range of customers in mind; households, houses for rent, and even businesses.


For household users, built-in features aimed at targeted utilities include setting the electricity threshold warning according to your spending plan, sharing information with family members, timely adjustment of electricity to save energy, and  alerts when electrical safety indicators exceed thresholds.

For rental houses, the utilities aim to help control electricity bill transparently, sharing statistics on the smartphone instead of taking notes, providing remote payment, and adjusting electricity consumption to save energy when there is a warning.

As for corporate customers, the utilities continuously control electricity budgets, making a power consumption statistics report on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, assessing electricity consumption status by business area, and making plans to optimize electricity costs in business.

Mr. Dang Ba Minh, a landlord in Ha Dong district, Hanoi says, with the Vconnex energy meter, he and his renters can check the volume of energy consumption easily and transparently with the help of mobile phone applications. Nguyen Van Duc in Ha Dong district, Hanoi has installed Vconnex smart energy meter.

Mr. Minh said: “It’s very convenient. House renters can check the volume of energy consumption and the money they have to pay on smart phone. If necessary, they can set the wished level of energy consumption on the smart phone and will receive warnings if the consumption is near or over the set levels.”

"Using this equipment helps us to monitor and check specific statistics of each device or room, or each member in the family. We can check these statistics on the Vhomenex application on the smart phone. This helps us adjust our energy consumption behavior,” said Mr. Duc.

Many businesses have given positive feedback on the Vconnex solution saying it helps them control energy use each working section, operation device, and also by the whole business.

With the help of the meter, businesses can adjust the use of energy in the most efficient way while still increasing productivity and ensuring the efficiency of production. Reports by businesses that use Vconnex smart energy meter show that it has helped them save energy remarkably, up to 20 to 30% in some instances.

Engineer Hoang Nam of Vconnex Industrial Technology Joint Stock Company says in addition to many advantages of its functions, the meter is designed as a component of the smart home solution developed by Vconnex, so it is easily compatible with many other family smart devices. This is a 100% Make in Vietnam product, so it has a very competitive price. Meanwhile, Mr. Phan Khac Nguyen Khoi - a genuine distributor in the southern market of Vconnex said that the device can be disassembled very easily and conveniently.

“This set of solutions is part of a smart home solution, so it can be compatible with other smart devices in the family. The equipment is completely developed and manufactured in Vietnam, so we can easily access it at a reasonable cost,” according to Mr. Nam

“The installation of the product is very simple. Any electrician can install the device in just 5-10 minutes without interfering with the structural infrastructure of the electrical system. Then just connect the Vhomnex app to use it,” said Mr. Khoi.

Vconnex- Smart energy meter - ảnh 2Mr. Nguyen Duc Quy, Vconnex CEO receives the Award for Potential Product of the Make in Vietnam 2021 Award (photo:

Speaking at the Make in Vietnam 2021 Award Ceremony, where the Vconnex smart energy meter was honored as a potential Make in Vietnam 2021 product, Mr. Nguyen Duc Quy, Vconnex General Director (CEO) highlights Vconnex's aspiration to serve people’s life. He says technology is only useful when it centers on humans and reduces the "pain" for the country and users.

The Vconnex smart power consumption monitor (Vconnex smart energy meter) is only a small technology device, but if millions of households and businesses use it and adjust their electricity use, it will create a great resonant impact. This resonance will help solve the energy problem of each Vietnamese family.

The Vconnex CEO expressed his belief in the potential of Vconnex smart power meter. It is expected that within the next 5 years, about 2.7 million households in Vietnam will use this monitoring software. Vconnex CEO affirmed that, along with continuing to improve and perfect the Vconnex smart power meter, the company plans to invest, research and develop many other digital transformation solutions with highly practical applicability in Vietnam in the coming time.

“Vconnex focuses on developing projects that bring benefits and practical values for users. We believe that using technology for digital transformation will be an inevitable trend and a decisive factor for the future,” said Mr. Quy.

With a prompt development orientation in the spirit of Make in Vietnam, the Vconnex Industrial Technology Joint Stock Company plans to launch more Make in Vietnam products to address problems in society and contribute to national development.