Phenikaa showcases Vietnamese talent and wisdom ​

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(VOVWORLD) - Phenikaa, a company specializing in advanced materials, high-end eco-materials, and smart solutions in Vietnam, has debuted a smart electronic factory and its Phenikaa Lighting brand LED lights. With a system engaging Business – Scientific Research – Education and Training, Phenikaa is creating economic and scientific breakthroughs in Vietnam. 
Phenikaa showcases Vietnamese talent and wisdom  ​ - ảnh 1Phenikaa Chairman Ho Xuan Nang at a ceremony to announce the Phenikaa smart electronic factory and the Phenikaa Lighting brand. (Photo:

A model connecting businesses, universities, and research institutes has been popular around the world. However, when applied in Vietnam, it mostly involves independent entities. Only a few businesses including Phenikaa are able to develop a connected system.

Ho Xuan Nang, Phenikaa Chairman, said the group aspires to contribute to the development of Vietnamese people’s talent and wisdom.

“To implement this model, we have established research institutes and restructured Phenikaa University towards promoting young people’s innovation, potential and experience. Young people play a vital role in digital transformation all over the world,” said Nang.

A system encompassing Business, Scientific Research, and Education and Training, which serves as Phenikaa Group’s sustainable development strategy, has resulted in the establishment of the Phenikaa smart electronics factory (July, 2022) and the Phenikaa Lighting brand using core technology to create the first LED for health in Vietnam. 

The factory operates smart manufacturing lines with top-class machinery and equipment, which are imported from Japan and Europe, with a total production capacity of more than 50 million lighting products and 4.5 billion electronic components each year. Microchips, smart robots, clean and smart lighting devices for human health and Phenikaa smart devices are among the products manufactured there. Chairman Nang discussed the exclusive Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian lighting products

“We aim to create breakthrough products to enhance our competitiveness. We have gathered scientists in different areas, from electronics to AI, to create the most convenient and user friendly products in line with the digital transformation process. Our lighting devices are made to serve human health and we are working hard to create our own supply chain,” he said.

Products manufactured at the Phenikaa factory meet international standards. The group also cooperates with foreign partners to upgrade their products.

Peter Neslon, a manager of  AMS Osram, said, “Phenikaa is now embarking on a journey to provide light and lighting solutions to people in a region which is growing lie probably no other region in the world.”

“Aside from this very impressive GDP growth, Asia and Southeast Asia is also the hub for being smart. The people in Asia are very open to smart technology and very quickly adopting it in daily life use. AMS Osram is proud to be part of this journey and of this ecosytem.”   

Phenikaa showcases Vietnamese talent and wisdom  ​ - ảnh 2Phenikaa Lighting products. (Photo:

Phenikaa Lighting products now include Essenaa, Balagraa, Sunaa, Healthaa and Tunaturaa. Platform technology Phenikaa Natural TrueCircadian has enabled the group to create the highest quality light sources that best reproduce natural sunlight with a positive effect on circadian rhythms and human health. This distinguishes Phenikaa LEDs from other LEDs.

The formation and development of the  Business – Scientific Research – Education and Training system, the smart electronics factory and Phenikaa Lighting, aims to contribute to Vietnam’s talent and intelligence development, and create science and technology achievements with innovative impacts on the economy and scientific development of Vietnam.

“The Party and State pay great attention to Industry 4.0. The Prime Minister has promulgated the National Digital Transformation Program. It’s great that Phenikaa has pioneered in digital transformation which aims to create smart products toward building a smart country. I’m very impressed by Phenikaa products which are made by Vietnamese,” said former Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan.